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Wildmender: How to Get Wooden Sickle



Wildmender: Wooden Sickle

Wooden Sickle is one of the earliest tools that players can get in Wildmender. Players can use the Wooden Sickle to cut down the Dead Plants and trees in the desert to forage useful resources like Plant Fibers and Wood. It is also essential for progressing ahead in the main story so, players must get it by all means.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Wooden Sickle in Wildmender.

How to Get Wooden Sickle in Wildmender

To get the Wooden Sickle in WIldmender, players must craft it at the Workbench. Workbench is the first structure that players will have to construct as they begin their adventure and after constructing the Workbench, players will be able to craft various tools using the Workbench and one of them tool is Wooden Sickle. However, crafting a Wooden Sickle will require 2x Wood.

Roam around the starting area of the game and find wood in the desert. It is hard to find wood on bare sand but if you look near the Wetlands (Dark Brown Spots) in the desert, you will be able to find some wood. Once you have obtained 2x Wood, go back to your Workbench and select the Tools category. After that, select the Wooden Sickle and hold down the E Button to craft the Wooden Sickle.

The Wooden Sickle will be added to the Tool Menu which you can access by holding the T Button and can equip the wooden sickle using the mouse.

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