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Wildmender: How to Get & Plant Seeds



Wildmender: Seeds

Getting food is another essential aspect of the game as there are no exotic foods for you to get to survive in the hot desert world. However, you will be able to get food if you find seeds and plant them to grow them into crops and fruits. You will have to learn the process of finding the seeds and planting them to grow early in the game so that you can expand your adventures from the starting area of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get and plant seeds in Wildmender.

How to Get Seeds in WIldmender

To get the seeds in Wildmender, players will have to forage them from the desert ground or from the grown plant/fruit/fungus. As players explore the desert, they will come across various grown plants of different values. If players are lucky, they will be able to get seeds of the plant by foraging the plant. Players can also use the Wooden Spade to dig the ground to find the seeds. the ground of the desert will have numerous golden spots on the ground which confirms that there is something beneath the exact spot. If players use the spade on the spot, they will either get a seed or a useful material.

Last but not least, another method to get seeds is by looting the Ancient Chests. These chests are found in abandoned houses and buildings that players will come across as they explore more of the deserted world.

How to Plant Seeds in Wildmender

There are four different types of seeds that players will come by in their playthrough, Fresh, Normal, Spoiled, and Dry. The Fresh, Normal, and Spoiled types of seeds can only be planted as the Dry type holds no value to grow in the desert. However, the rest of the types that can be planted hold their unique values and the Fresh and the Normal type seeds are the ones through which players can get food whereas, the Spoiled seeds are poisonous and produce poisonous food.

Players must have either Fresh or Normal type of seeds in their inventory and they can plant the seeds by following the following steps.

  • Go to the Wetlands spot if the seed requires arable soil otherwise, go to the plain desert if the seed requires sandy soil.
  • Open the backpack by pressing the B button and select the respective seed.
  • It will show a radius on the soil of three different colors, red, yellow, and green. Red indicates not growable location, yellow indicates growable but with fewer values, and green indicates growable with full seed values.
  • Move around the planting seed to plant it into the green area and press the LMB to plant the seed.
  • After planting the seeds, just water them once by equipping the water bottle.

Seeds will take a few days before they grow mature so be ready to harvest them once they are matured to get food. You don’t want to leave the grown plants in the desert as they can turn into deadly plants in a few days.

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