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Wildmender: How to Get Water



Wildmender: Water

Water is crucial in Wildmender as you will need it to keep your character hydrated throughout your survival adventure. In the deserted survival adventure, you will be able to meet spirits and ghosts that you can interact with and complete their missions to progress ahead in the game but you must bring a bottle full of water along with you to keep going through the desert.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Water in Wildmender.

How to Get Water in Wildmender

Getting water is extremely hard in Wildmender especially, when you set your course out of the starting area of the game. You will start near a tree surrounded with water that you can fill up in your bottle and drink from time to time but there are not many such water resources found in the desert. Your best bet is to keep water on you by filling the bottle at the starting tree. Press and hold the T Button to open the Tool Menu and select the Bottle from it. Now, go to the tree with water and press the LMB to fill up the bottle.

Before you set off on your deserted adventure, make sure that your hydration level is full. Press the Q Button while equipping the bottle to drink the water from the bottle and then fill up the water bottle again to increase the chances of your survival by having a full amount of water on you. You will have to come back to your starting tree from time to time both for the main quests as well as for water because water is hard to come by in other areas.

As you progress further into the game, make sure to fix the Sigil Gate near the tree to activate it. You will be able to use the Sigil Gate to teleport to other Sigil Gates that you found and fixed in your adventure. It will make your journey a lot easier and you will be able to get water from the starting tree just by teleporting from a far area.

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