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Palia: How to Get Sugar



Palia: How to Get Sugar

Palia’s latest patch has added a new ingredient for cooking recipes and nerfed the selling price of some recipes, especially the Celebration Cake. However, the Celebration Cake now has additional ingredient requirements, and one of the crucial ingredients is sugar. Sugar is a brand-new ingredient that has been added to the game, and players must get it to make the Celebration Cake.

If you want to know how to get sugar in Palia, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you know how to get sugar in Palia.

How to Get Sugar in Palia

Sugar is now one of the new cooking ingredients in Palia that you can only get from the General Store. The General Store is run by an NPC named Zeki, and you can find him mostly inside his general store, which is located in Kilima Village. You can find all sorts of dairy products, seeds, fireworks, and much more at the general store. To get sugar, you need to go to the General Store and interact with the cash register to browse the items available for purchase. Scroll down the list of items to find sugar underneath salt. It will cost you 20 Gold for 1 sugar.

Uses of Sugar in Palia

It is useful to buy several sugars at a time and store them in storage for future use. As sugar is now used to make frostings and is currently used in only one recipe, the Celebration Cake, you may not need to use it often. You can also sell sugar at the General Store or the Shipping Bin for 10 Gold, but it is not recommended. Apart from using it for cooking recipes and selling, you can try to gift it to the villagers or wait for them to require sugar in their weekly requirements.

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