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Palia: How to Destroy Crops



Palia: How to Destroy Crops

Palia’s latest patch (0.169) has added some additional features to the game that provide players with more functionality. One of the newly added features is the ability to destroy crops. In previous patches, players could only plant the seed they had selected, even if they selected the wrong one, and they would have to wait for the crop to grow to harvest it. However, in the latest patch, players can now immediately remove a seed while gardening, thanks to the new feature.

If you want to know how to destroy crops that you accidentally planted, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how to destroy crops in Palia.

How to Destroy Crops in Palia

If you have planted the wrong seed in one of the spots on the soil, you can follow these steps to destroy the crops in Palia:

  1. Hold the R button to open the tool wheel and select the hoe tool from it.
  2. Now, move over to the spot where you planted the wrong seed, and when you see the spot highlighted, press and hold the right-click mouse button.
  3. Let the animation play for the seed to be destroyed, and the spot will be cleared.

After destroying the crops, you will be able to plant the seed that you wanted before. However, destroying the previous crop will cost you the seed that you planted. You will not get the seed back from destroying it, so you must pay attention while planting the seeds, especially if you are planting tree seeds because the price of each tree seed has been immensely increased to 60 gold.

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