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Underground Blossom: Chapter 1 – Crib Station Walkthrough



Underground Blossom: Chapter 1 - Crib Station Walkthrough

Underground Blossom is the latest point-and-click puzzle-solving adventure game from Rusty Lake. In this game, you embark on a journey to uncover significant events from the life of Laura Vanderboom. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 1: Crib Station to assist you in your Underground Blossom adventure.

Chapter 1: Crib Station Walkthrough

  • Start by boarding the train. Click on it to proceed to Crib Station.
  • Upon reaching Crib Station, click on the train doors to open them. Then, click outside to exit the train.
  • Click on the lady in front of you multiple times to meet Rose, who will request that you look after her daughter, Laura.
  • Go back and click on the briefcase at the side repeatedly. Open the two latches to unlock it.
  • Retrieve the Matches and the Milk Bottle from the briefcase.
  • Return to the right side and locate a toolbox on the floor. Click on it to open it and collect the Cloth and an Iron Saw from inside.
  • Go back and interact with the metal gate on the floor.
  • Utilize the Iron Saw from your inventory to cut the loose metal bar on the left side.
  • Take the rod and click on the key to slide it to the left. Then, collect the key as well.
Underground Blossom: Chapter 1 - Crib Station Walkthrough
  • Continue rightward to reach the Ticket Booth.
  • Interact with the Ticket Booth and use the key to lift the door.
  • Select the rod from your inventory and use it to wake up an Old Lady inside the Ticket Booth.
  • She will request 1 coin for the ticket to the next station, but since you don’t have the coin, return to Rose.
  • Interact with the Baby Trolley to see Laura. There is a safety pin next to her that you should pick up.
  • Use the Cloth from your inventory to place it under Laura, and then use the safety pin to fashion a diaper. Offer her the milk bottle, and you’ll receive a dirty diaper in return.
  • Take the dirty diaper and find a trash can near the ticket booth.
  • Place the dirty diaper inside the trash can and use the matches to set it on fire.
  • The trash can will break, revealing a Scraper. Collect the Scraper and return to where you found the key.
  • There’s a poster on the wall that says, “Win a Trip to Rusty Lake.” Use the scraper to tear it down, revealing three symbols below the “The future will arrive” line.
  • Remember these symbols and go back to Rose. Interact with Rose and select the pendant around her neck. You’ll notice similar symbols on the pendant, and you need to choose the ones revealed by the poster.
  • After selecting the correct symbols, the pendant will open, displaying the time set to 10:15.
Underground Blossom: Chapter 1 - Crib Station Walkthrough
  • Return and proceed to the right side to reach the Big Clock.
  • Interact with the clock and set the time to 10:15. This action will prompt the next train to arrive at the station.
  • Open the train’s door, and the conductor will request a ticket. Click on the side pocket of the conductor to retrieve a coin.
  • Return to the Ticket Booth and give the coin to the Old Lady to obtain a Metro Ticket to the next station.
  • Go back to the conductor and provide him with the ticket to proceed to the next station.

The first chapter will be concluded and you will reach the Child Lane Station.

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