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Underground Blossom: Chapter 5 – Sorrow Cross Walkthrough



Underground Blossom: Sorrow Cross

Sorrow Cross is the fifth chapter in Underground Blossom players can begin after completing Bird Bridge Station and advancing to the next station. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 5: Sorrow Cross to assist you in your Underground Blossom adventure.

Sorrow Cross – Walkthrough

  • Exit the train to interact with Laura to hear the dialogue with Bob. She will tell Bob to leave her be as his train arrives at four.
  • Go back and interact with the box under the bench on the left side to find a clock handle.
  • Go to the platform to place the clock handle in the clock and set the time to 4:00.
  • Talk to Bob as he leaves and he will drop his wallet on the platform.
  • Check the wallet to get Money and a Coin.
  • Go to the Snacks machine and put the Coin in to select the 20, 45, and 35 snacks. Interact with the tray to see all the snack packets. All snacks are different and have different shapes of snacks in them, Vehicles, Animals, and Food. You need to place the respective shapes of snacks into their correct snack packet until you get a Corn Cookie.
  • After getting the corn cookie, go back and find the bird near the trash can. Give the corn cookie to the bird and you will get to align the bits of cookies on the floor for the bird. Move the smaller bits to the start (right side) and the larger bits to the end (left side).
  • Let the bird eat the bits of the cookies and as it flies away, you will have to find it. Find the bird sitting on the trash can, on top of the light above Laura, and a pole on the platform.
  • The bird will get hit by a train, and interact with what’s left of the bird to find a key.
  • Go to the cage door to open it with the key to find your robber from the last chapter. He will tell you to leave some money under the bench to get your stuff back and come back at 9:00.
  • Go to the sorrow cross and place money in the box under the bench. Now, go to the platform to change the time to 9:00.
  • Go back and interact with the box to find a package from which you will get your iron saw back but not the golden timepiece.
  • Now, use the iron saw on the padlock on the cabinet located to the right of Laura. Open the cabinet to find a Painting Panel.
  • Go to the trash can area to find a painting on top. Interact with it to place the Painting Panel. You need to move the painting in the center to find the locations shown on all the painting panels on the border and then tap on the circle to appear images.
  • Once you have appeared all 12 images from the painting borders, the trash can will fall over.
  • Investigate the contents of the trash can to make correct pairs of the items. Chip with Potato Chip Packet, “Make” with “Pairs” (hint), Bloodied Cloth with Cut Finger, Half bread with Half Cheese, Gum with Gum Wrapper, Leaf with Stick, Straw with Cup, and Pencil with Letter.
  • Now, interact with the letter to find a letter for Laura from her doctor. Pick up the Pill that her doctor sent her with the letter.
  • Go to Laura to give her the Pill and she will tell you about her nightmare.
  • Go back to enter her nightmare and interact with her to know more about her nightmare. You need to follow along with her nightmare and set things according to her nightmare to proceed ahead.
  • Place baby Laura in Rose’s hand > Place the Broken Heart in the hands of Bob > Place the Hand in Rose’s hand and place Rose’s face in Little Laura’s hand > Place the Large Fish in the Detective’s hand > Place the Rat in the Bird’s Hand and place Rose’s face in the Corrupted Soul’s hand > Place the Blossom Flowers in the Feathered Bird’s hand > Place the Black Cube in Old Rose’s hand.
  • As you come out of Laura’s Nightmare, you will find her on the floor with a Metro Ticket in her hand. Take the ticket and interact with the photo of Rose on the floor.
  • Take the brush beside the photo and then go to the platform to interact with the bird’s debris. Click on the blood to cover the brush with red.
  • Return to the photo and brush all over the photo to see the arrival time of the train, 19:55 (8:55).
  • Go to the platform to change the time to 8:55 to prompt the arrival of the train.
  • Get inside the train to show the ticket to the conductor to get to the next station.

It will conclude the chapter and you will make your way to the Soul Street station.

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