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Underground Blossom: Chapter 4 – Bird Bridge Station Walkthrough



Underground Blossom: Bird the Bridge

Bird Bridge Station is the fourth chapter in Underground Blossom players can begin after completing School Street and advancing to the next station. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 4: Bird Bridge Station to assist you in your Underground Blossom adventure.

Bird Bridge Station – Walkthrough

  • Exit the train and interact with Laura sitting on the bench in front. She will be sketching her mother, Rose.
  • Go back and interact with the box on the left side and open its latches to find a Pencil and a piece of sausage.
  • Now, interact with the sketchbook in Laura’s Hands and use the Pencil to draw anything. After drawing, interact with your drawing to get a Line.
  • Go back and make your way to the Food & Drinks section. Interact with the Drain Hole and click on the cover to remove it to pull out a stick. Select the Line from your inventory and put it on the stick.
  • Go to the right side to reach an area with a poster and a man with a horn instrument. Interact with the poster and focus on the clefs (music symbols). Now, interact with the man with a horn to play the same musical notes by pressing the valve buttons of the horn. The first button will play a musical note with only 1 note, the middle button will play a musical note with 2 notes, and the third button will play a musical note with 3 notes. You need to play the 1 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 2 > 3 musical notes without messing the notes.
  • By playing the musical notes perfectly, will make a fish come out of the horn. Interact with the fish to get a hook and make your way back to the drain hole.
  • Attach the hook to the line and then use the piece of sausage as bait on the hook. Place the stick in the drain hole to catch a mouse.
  • Follow the mouse to the same poster area and watch it go through a gap in the wall. Interact with the gap to find a job ad from Johnsson. Look at the bottom line of the ad to see the drop-off time of the train, 5:00.
  • Go to the platform to interact with the clock and change its time to 5:00 to prompt the train’s arrival at the station.
  • Several workers will get off at the station. Interact with any of the workers and they will tell you to find a man with Red Hat. He will be located in the Food & Drinks section on the far-left side. Interact with the man with a red hat and he will tell you to talk to his colleague with a Brown Briefcase. He will be located in the platform area on the far-left side. Talk to the man with a brown briefcase and then check his pockets to find a pair of glasses, he will tell you to give these glasses to a man with a Hard Hat. Go to the Bird Bridge Station to find a man with an engineer hat. Interact with the man to give him the glasses and he will tell you to talk to the Tall Smiling Man. Go back to the platform area to find a tall smiling man and interact with him to find a Tie in his pocket. Go to the bird bridge station to find a man with no tie, place the tie on the man’s shirt and he will tell you to find a man with Green Tie. Go to the Food & Drink section to find a man with a green tie but he will tell you that you are confusing him with his twin brother. Now, look for the identical man, you will find him in the poster area and you will get a Lighter from his pocket.
  • As you get the Lighter, all the workers will leave the station except one person on the platform. Talk to the man on the platform and he will tell you to buy Laura a coffee and a Sandwich for him.
  • Take the money from the person and go to the Food & Drinks section.
  • Interact with the shop and buy a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Go back to give the Sandwich to the man and then remove the worms from the sandwich to get Breadcrumbs. Now, give the coffee to Laura to get a Cigarette from the cup.  
  • Go to the Food & Drinks section and interact with a suspicious man beside the shop. Give him the cigarette and use the lighter to light up the cigarette. Interact with him again to get robbed.
  • He will leave a bag for you on the ground with a “Sorry for robbing you” note and a paperclip. Take the paperclip and then interact with the electric box on the right side of the shop.
  • Use the Paperclip to open the lock and you need to integrate two nodes to make each of the three numbers required.
  • Make the numbers three times in total to complete the puzzle and then follow the wire of the electric box to the speaker and listen to the musical notes.
  • Go to the man with a horn and play the 1 > 1 > 2 > 2 > 3 > 3 musical notes. A bird will come out of the horn and make your way to the bird bridge station to find Laura sitting with the man on the bench.
  • Interact with Laura to make her call the bird and then feed the Breadcrumbs to the bird.
  • Listen to the musical notes of the bird and then make your way to the horn guy again to play the 3 > 3 > 1 > 3 > 1 > 1 musical notes. A hand will come out of the horn with a Metro Ticket, take the ticket, and go back to Laura to interact with her Sketchbook placed beside Laura.
  • Flip to the last page of the Sketchbook to find the hint for the arrival time of the next train, 3:45.
  • Go to the platform to change the time to 3:45 to prompt the arrival of the train.
  • Get inside the train and give the ticket to the conductor to go to the next station.

It will conclude the chapter and you will make your way to the Sorrow Cross Station.

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