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Cocoon: How to Defeat Spinner Brain



Cocoon: Spinner Brain

Spinner Brain is the third boss that players will get to encounter in the Purple Orb’s world during chapter 3. Players will be able to find Spinner Brain once they have opened the Spinner Brain Metal Door in the world. The boss has spinning and AOE attacks that players must dodge to counter the boss at the perfect time to defeat the boss.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Spinner Brain in Cocoon.

How to Defeat Spinner Brain in Cocoon

To defeat Spinner Brain, players must first initiate the boss fight by breaking the middle tile in the arena. Interact and pull the mysterious purple light on the middle tile and wait for a strange flower-like thing to appear. Take the petal to the flower to launch an explosive creature to the middle tile. Do this three times in a row to destroy the middle tile and initiate the boss fight.

Follow the following steps to defeat Spinner Brain in Cocoon.

  • There are three portions of the brain that you need to explode using the petal and the flower in the arena. At the start, the spinner brain will spin around the arena and the only way to dodge is to teleport repeatedly when the spinner brain gets close.
  • Wait for the flower to grow up and take the petal to the flower to hit the brain.
  • Change the tiles that show a black aura on top and a blue highlight on the surface to dodge the slam attack of the spinner brain.
  • Move around the tiles and wait for the flower to grow up and use the petal to take down 1 portion of the brain.
  • The Spinner Brain will start doing multiple slam attacks in a row so, make sure to keep your distance and use the teleport whenever you feel necessary.
  • The red tiles will make you slow but you can still utilize the teleportation to dodge the spinner brain both spinning and slam attacks. Wait for the flower to grow up and use it to take down the second portion of the brain.
  • In the last phase, the Spinner Brain will create a shield around its weak area. Keep moving around until its shield is removed and then use the flower to hit it for the last time to defeat the Spinner Brain.

The boss fight will be concluded and a new platform will come up to the middle of the arena that players can utilize to get out of the Purple Orb’s world.

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