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Cocoon: How to Defeat Jello Spider (Boss Fight)



Cocoon: Jello Spider

Jello Spider is the fourth boss in Cocoon that players will get to encounter in the fourth chapter of the game which takes place in the White Orb. Once players have the White Orb, they need to progress in the world and open the Spider Metal Door to reach the boss fight arena.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to defeat Jello Spider in Cocoon.

How to Defeat Jello Spider in Cocoon

The boss fight arena is filled with red material that slows down the character’s movement speed. Players need to stay on the blue areas in the arena to charge up the balloon that can be used for flying around the arena. However, before players get to defeat the Jello Spider, they need to initiate the boss fight by breaking the 4 Jello in the air using the flying balloon. Each Jello will have 1 drone, which is required to power up the mysterious tower in the arena. Once the tower has been powered up, players need to defeat the giant Jello by hitting it while flying. Jello Spider will come out of it, starting the boss fight.

Follow the following steps to defeat Jello Spider in Cocoon.

  • The Jello Spider has two main moves, Stomp and Slam. It will stomp on the blue areas to disable them for a short moment and it will slam on the blue areas to generate a giant wave and disable the blue areas for a short moment. To dodge both of these attacks, players need to stay in the blue area and whenever the spider comes close for attack, they need to fly to the other blue area.
  • While flying around, look for the blue area with orange Jello beneath it. You need to lure the spider to stomp on that blue area and when it does, its leg will stick in the Jello. Use the flying balloon to break the Jello along with the spider’s leg.
  • As you break more Spider legs, it will get aggressive and do attacks more rapidly so, make sure that your balloon is charged whenever the spider gets close. Lure the spider to the Jello area to break its all legs.
  • Rinse and repeat the strategy until all legs of the spider are broken to defeat the Jello Spider.

Defeating the Jello Spider will reveal a platform in the middle of the arena that you can use to get out of the White Orb.

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