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Cocoon: How to Get the White Orb



Cocoon: White Orb

The White Orb is the final World Orb in Cocoon that players will have to get to continue the adventure in the mysterious worlds. Getting the White Orb will start the fourth chapter of the game in which players will get to encounter the Jello Spider boss.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the White Orb in Cocoon.

How to Get the White Orb in Cocoon

To get the White Orb, players will first have to defeat the Spinner Brain in the Purple Orb’s World and get back to the reality world to progress in it. Progressing in the Reality World will take players to an area that requires all three Orbs to power up the platform but the switch to rotate the platform will not activate because there is an additional power required for all of the orbs. The area will have three different paths and you need to take the respective orb to its respective path to find a mysterious black aura that will consume the orb and take you back to the area.

For the Orange Orb, go to the left path in the area to find the Black Aura, for the Green Orb, go to the right path in the area to find the Black Aura, and for the Purple Orb, go to the above path to find the Black Aura. Each of the paths includes a simple puzzle in which you have to place the orb on the guided robot who will follow you and you need to take the robot to the Black Aura.

Once the robot is there, the black aura will consume the orb and take you back to the area while enhancing the orb’s powers. After getting all three orbs with Black Aura, a ball lever will appear in the middle. Pull the ball lever to rotate the platform. Once you have rotated the platform, interact with it to jump out of reality and you will witness that after all this time you were inside the White Orb.

Watch a brief introduction to the main boss of the White Orb and then grab the White Orb to continue ahead to find a platform to jump inside the White Orb’s world again.

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