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Cocoon – How to Open the Brain Metal Door



Cocoon: Brain Metal Door

Opening the Brain Metal Door is one of the main puzzles in the third chapter of the game. Crossing through the Brain Door will allow players to encounter the Spinner Brain who is the boss in Purple Orb’s world.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open the Brain Metal Door in Cocoon.

How to Open the Brain Metal Door

To open the Brain Metal Door, progress ahead in the Purple Orb’s world until you reach the barricade for which you need the drone. Now, to get the drone, you need to take the Green Orb and use it to go up on the green trail to reach the area with the drone machine on the right side. Before you get to interact with the symbols, use the green orb on the green trail to go further up to witness a giant plant in front with a symbol shape.

Now, come down and interact with the similar symbol on the ground and then go back up to see the changed shape of the plant. Go back down again to interact with the similar symbol and once you have interacted with all 5 symbols, you will get the drone. Make your way back, place down the green orb, and pick up the orange orb. Use the drone to lower the barricade and go ahead. The drone will get caught by a string but go ahead to place the orange orb on a holder to power up the platform.

Now, go back and retrieve the drone and go inside the green orb’s world to get the drone caught again. Get out of the green orb’s world and then take the orb to cross through the string and place it on the next platform. Go inside the green orb’s world again to retrieve the drone and come out back to take the drone to the blue switch.

Go back to retrieve both of the orbs one by one and place them beside the doors to fully power up the door to open it.

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