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Cocoon: How to Get the Purple Orb



Cocoon: Purple Orb

Purple Orb is required to start the third chapter of the game and without it, players will not be able to progress ahead in the adventure. Once players have defeated the Cthulhu Starfish in the second world, they will be able to come out of the world to find the Purple Orb.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the purple orb in Cocoon.

How to Get the Purple Orb in Cocoon

To get the Purple Orb, players must come out of the Green Orb and progress ahead until they reach the blocked barricades for which they need the drone. From there, use the orange orb to make your way to the glyphs area. Go up to the glyphs area and before interacting with any symbols, go to the right side using the orange orb. Walk slowly on the bridge and look for the symbols on the bridge. If your memory power is strong then you can check all the order of the symbols on the bridge at once and interact with them in the correct order but you can also interact with the symbols one by one.

Once you have freed the drone, take it to the barricade to open the path. Take both of the orbs on the moving platform to reach the platform that requires two orbs to power up. Place both of the platforms on each holder to power up the platform and then place the green orb in the middle. Take the orange orb and jump into the green orb. Now, make your way ahead in the world by walking on the orange bridges to reach the barricades. Use the drone to lower the barricades and then use the jumper to make your way across to the other side.

Cross the orange string with the orb but your drone will get caught, worry not. Go to the left side and use the jumper to throw the orb into the pipe and then free the drone. Quickly make your way in between the strings and as the orb gets to the holder, move in between the caterpillar-like creatures to reach the barricades. Lower the barricades and then use the flying platform to get the orb back. Go ahead by walking on the orange bridges until you reach another barricade. Use the drone to lower the barricade and use the jumper to reach a field.

Move ahead to reach a platform and place the orange orb on to the holder to reveal a jumper. Don’t use the jumper yet instead, go ahead a bit to reveal the orange string. As the string gets close, go back and use the jumper to get over the string and make your way ahead to reach the blue switch. Use the drone to activate the switch and then go near the purple door to open it.

Go up the staircase to see the purple orb and as you are about to get it, you will witness the Spinner Brain merging inside the orb. Take the orb and get back to the platform to get out of the world and switch the orbs to jump inside the purple orb.

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