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Cocoon: How to Get the Green Orb



Cocoon: Green Orb

To start the second chapter of Cocoon, players must get the Green Orb to discover the new world. Once players have completed the first world in the Orange Orb by defeating the Crystal Butterfly, they need to find their way to get their hands on the next orb.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Green Orb in Cocoon.

How to Get the Green Orb in Cocoon

Use the platform to get out of the Orange Orb. The orange orb will power up and will show you invisible bridges while holding the orb. Make your way to the right side and then pull the ball lever to move the bridge. Go on the bridge and interact with the button three times. Now, go back and pull the ball lever again. Proceed ahead on the bridge to interact with the button to activate a flying platform. Let the platform go to the left side first and then interact with the button again to quickly go to the middle area to get on the platform before it comes back.

Now, stand on the jumper to go ahead and you will reach a machine that will require two orbs to power up. Keep going ahead and place the orb on to the holder to activate the flying platform to go ahead. Take the orb and place it on the next holder to make your way down the staircase. As you reach down, you will see a big yellow gate which will require two buttons pressed at the same time.

To do so, you need to pull the tower on the left side to the right side where it can’t go past due to pipes. Now, release the tower and quickly pull the tower from the right side to the left side of the pipes. As both towers gradually go back, they eventually press the buttons that will open up the gate.

Go up the staircase to find the orb and as you are about to pick up, you will witness the Cthulhu Starfish merging into the green orb. Take the orb and take it back to the machine which requires two orbs to power up and you will be able to enter the world inside the Green Orb to start your next chapter.

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