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Cocoon: How to Open the Starfish Metal Door



Cocoon: Starfish metal Door

Opening the Starfish Metal Door is one of the main puzzles in Chapter 2 of Cocoon that players must solve to progress ahead into the chapter and eventually, face Cthulhu Starfish. However, there are several things that players must do to get the door open.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open the Starfish Metal Door in Cocoon.

How to Open the Starfish Metal Door

Once players have got the orb of the second world and started the second chapter, they will get blocked by a path for which they need to get the drone. To get the drone, players must get out of the second world and jump into the very first world with the 2nd orb in hand. Go to the left side of the area where the Crystal Butterfly boss battle takes place to reach a bridge. Place the down the second world orb to power the bridge and go to the other side.

Players will have to solve the symbol puzzle again to retrieve the drone from the machine above. Go to the far-left side and there will be four different symbols in the distance. Note the symbols and then interact with the symbols one by one to activate the machine. Stand in the middle and interact to get the drone. Now, go back and into the second world with the first orb in hand.

Open the blocked path using the drone and make your way ahead by going over the orange bridges that are shown with the orb in hand. Keep going ahead on the path until you reach a pathway with a caterpillar-like creature on each side holding an orange string. You can cross between them but the drone will get caught and sent back to the symbol platform. Place the orb on the platform on the left side of the path to move the creatures ahead and then take the drone back. Go to the platform to pick up the orb to send the creatures back to their original position to proceed ahead.

Go ahead on the path until you reach the creatures again. This time, you need to place the orb on the platform and run back to the bigger platform from which you need to leave the world with the drone, and as the creatures go past the platform, jump back in and run ahead along with picking up the orb.

Eventually, you will make it to the blue switch in which you need to place the drone to activate the door. Go near the door with the orb in hand to open the door.

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