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Cocoon – How to Defeat Crystal Butterfly (Boss Fight)



Cocoon: Crystal Butterfly

Crystal Butterfly is the first boss in Cocoon that players will get to encounter in the very first world after opening the big Butterfly Metal Gate by the giant blue switch. The boss fights in Cocoon is very unique and at first, players might not feel that the Crystal Butterfly is a boss fight until they get kicked out of the world.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Crystal Butterfly in Cocoon.

How to Defeat Crystal Butterfly in Cocoon

To defeat the Crystal Butterfly, players must initiate the fight by picking up the roller underground and detonating it near the Crystal Butterfly. Wait for the roller to appear in the underground and go near to interact with it to pick up the roller. After that, bring it near the Crystal Butterfly and interact with it again to detonate it. It will initiate the boss fight.

Follow the following steps to defeat the Crystal Butterfly in Cocoon.

  • As the fight starts, stay away from the crystal trails that the butterfly left while flying in your direction.
  • Wait for the roller to appear underground to pick it up and detonate it when the butterfly comes in your direction.
  • The Butterfly will send smaller crystal butterflies at you that you can catch and pound to the ground.
  • Rinse and Repeat until the Crystal Butterfly lies in the middle like a shield. Small crystal butterflies will spread on the arena and you need to dodge them by running.
  • Look for the opening and run between the moving crystals in the arena. Wait for the roller to appear again and make your way to the roller to pick it up and explode it on the Crystal Butterfly.

It will defeat the Crystal Butterfly and a new platform will appear that you can use to get out of the orb.

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