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Cocoon: How to Open the Butterfly Metal Door



Cocoon: Butterfly Metal Door

Opening the big Butterfly Metal Door is one of the earliest main puzzles of the game that players will have to solve to progress in the game. This is the first puzzle that will require players to go out of the orb in which they are currently exploring the world.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open the Butterfly Metal Door in Cocoon.

How to Open the Butterfly Metal Door in Cocoon

Once you have reached the Butterfly Metal Door, you will see a Blue Switch on the right side that you need to power up to open the door. However, there is a certain power source that you need to power up the switch for which you need to head out of the orb. To do so, go to the left side and keep heading up on the path until you reach a platform. Interact with it to get out of the orb. Once out, you will witness the first boss of the game, the Crystal Butterfly. However, you will not be fighting it now as it will make its way inside the world you come out of.

Now, take the orb, make your way down the stairs, and take it to the left side. You will have to place it on a holder to open the bridges. Go ahead and take a moving platform to come back to pick up the orb and take it to the other side via the moving platform. Throw it in the pipe and go ahead to pick it up again. Now, go to the end of the area to place the orb and stand on the buttons along the way to switch the ends of the pipes to guide the orb to the correct location.

Go ahead and you will see two holders on which you need to place the orb one by one but pick it up as soon as the red walls reach the middle. Make your way ahead and stand on the jumper to reach the higher ground. Place the orb in the holder to open a machine through which you can jump back into the orb but there is still some work left. Pick up the orb again after opening the machine and place it on the moving platform located on the left side.

Go ahead to find a mysterious yellow light coming out of a machine in the air. There will be several symbols on the floor that you need to interact with but if you look to the left side, there will be a tower with symbols drawn on its side. You need to interact with the symbols shown on the side of the tower and then pull the ball on the side of the tower to rotate it to view the next symbol. Once you have interacted with all the correct symbols, a mysterious yellow glue will come out that you can interact with by standing in the symbol in the middle of the room. It will reveal a drone with powers that you can use to access the closed paths.

Now, go back and use the drone to reach the moving platform and make your way back to the machine with the orb. Place the orb in the machine and jump inside the orb with your new drone. Go back to the Blue Switch and interact with it to let the drone power the switch which will open the big Butterfly Metal Door.  

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