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Palia: Where to Find and Play Arcade Games



Palia: Where to Find and Play Arcade Games

Palia’s latest patch (0.169) has introduced several new features for players to enjoy, and one of these exciting additions is Arcade Games. Players who are familiar with Zeki and have visited his house may already know about the Arcade game he has in his house. Many fans wondered if they would ever get the chance to play an Arcade Game within the world of Palia. Well, the wait is over, and it’s now official that players can enjoy Arcade Games at a brand-new location introduced in the latest patch.

If you’re curious about where to find and play Arcade Games in Palia, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you locate the Arcade Games and provide instructions on how to play them in Palia.

Where to Find Arcade Games in Palia

You can find the Arcade Games inside Zeki’s Black Market. To access Zeki’s Black Market, head to the back door of the General Store or use the Sewer Pipe located on the southern side of the Remembrance Garden area. Upon entering the Black Market, you’ll discover a revamped Zeki’s Black Market with various activity areas inside. At the far end, you’ll find Reth’s new Bar area, where you can also access Reth’s shop to purchase cooking-related items. If you head to the left side of the giant structure in the center of the Black Market, you’ll come across four Arcade Games placed beneath tents. All four of these Arcade Games feature “Heavy Metal Chapaa,” the same game found inside Zeki’s house.

How to Play Arcade Games in Palia

Once you’ve located the Arcade Games in Zeki’s Black Market, approach any of the Arcade Games and interact with them to start playing. Heavy Metal Chapaa is a side-scrolling game where you must shoot the robots ahead, avoid their bullets by jumping, and dodge obstacles by either jumping or sliding. You earn points for collecting Chapaa Meat and defeating robots. Each Chapaa Meat and enemy you shoot grants you 1 point, contributing to your total score.

How to Play Arcade Games in Palia

The game has no ending, allowing you to play for hours and aim for the highest score among other players. There is even a Leaderboard for the Highest Score, which becomes visible when your character meets its demise in the Arcade Game. The leaderboard displays the highest scores of players on the same server as you. Therefore, play, compete, and aim to surpass their high scores to secure your name at the top of the leaderboard.

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