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Palia: How to Use the New Kneel Emote



Palia: How to Use the New Kneel Emote

The latest Palia patch has introduced several new features and items, including a complete overhaul of Zeki’s Black Market. Here, players can enjoy meals at Reth’s new Bar Place, browse new items at the Black Market, and even play Arcade Games. Additionally, the developers have added a new Kneel Emote, allowing players to kneel in front of others or objects as a sign of respect.

If you’re wondering how to use the new Kneel Emote in Palia, you’ve come to the right place. We will explain how to use this emote in Palia.

How to Use the Kneel Emote in Palia

In Palia, you have access to various emotes right from the start. However, each emote comes pre-equipped with the Emote Wheel. To use the new Kneel Emote, you’ll need to equip it first. There are two methods to equip the Kneel Emote to your Emote Wheel:

  1. Press the ‘T’ key to open the Emote Wheel and select the ‘Edit’ option within the Emote Wheel. This will open the Collections tab, where you can choose and equip the new Kneel Emote.
  2. Open the player menu and navigate to the Collections section under Accessories. Here, you can select and equip the new Kneel Emote.

Once the Kneel Emote is equipped, press the ‘T’ key to open the Emote Wheel, and then select the Kneel Emote to use it. Your character will kneel, demonstrating respect for whatever is in front of them. Currently, great use for this emote is when encountering the fabled Kitsuu, which appears once a day at the Ancient Rock Garden to offer you a random gift.

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