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Underground Blossom: Chapter 3 – School Street Walkthrough



Underground Blossom: Chapter 3 - School Street Walkthrough

School Street is the third chapter in Underground Blossom players can begin after completing Child Lane and advancing to the next station. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 3: School Street to assist you in your Underground Blossom adventure.

School Street Walkthrough

  • Exit the train to meet Laura at the School Street station. Laura informs you that someone has stolen her photos.
  • Go back and interact with the package on the floor to retrieve a Peanut. Interact with the paper on the right side to craft it into a paper plane.
  • Now, move to the right side and interact with a child holding a book. Engage with the child, who requests your assistance with his book in exchange for something. The book contains names and photos of his classmates, but the pictures are misplaced. Your task is to identify each child and place their photos with their correct names. You can use the hint provided on the left side of the book page.
  • Proceed to the right to find four students standing near a can of sausages. Interact with the can and use the Nut Driver to open it, revealing a sausage.
  • Return and interact with the four children to begin identifying them correctly. Place the Peanut on the blonde child to confirm he is Jimmy, place the paper plane on the far-right girl to confirm she is Bobby, and check the pockets of the girl next to Bobby to find an earring that confirms she is Franky. Retrieve the Peanut and Paper Plane from the children’s heads.
  • Now, visit the other group of kids standing next to the child with the book. Engage with these children and place the sausage on the far-left child to confirm she is Tess. The middle child will have a matching missing earring, which you found in Franky’s pocket, confirming she is Alex. Check Alex’s pockets to discover a hand-drawn image indicating that Sam is in love with Johnny. Retrieve the sausage from Tess’s head.
Underground Blossom: Chapter 3 - School Street Walkthrough
  • Return to the child with the book and rearrange the photos as Hank instructs. Provide him with the Peanut, Paper Plane, and Sausage, and he will reward you with a Worm.
  • Give the worm to a bird sitting in its nest above the same area where Hank is located.
  • After giving the worm to the bird, interact with the egg to drop it on Johnny, causing Johnny to drop his bag.
  • Interact with Johnny’s bag to find a book with a lock and four different items inside: a ruler, a lollipop, a sharpener, and a cigar. The book also features a logo of a lollipop, a sharpener, and a cigar. You need to measure the length of the lollipop, sharpener, and cigar by placing them next to the ruler one by one to determine the code. The code for the book is “637.”
  • Open the book using the code and discover the stolen photos of Laura.
  • Return to Laura and give her the photos. She will provide you with the train’s departure time: 2:45.
  • Go to the platform and interact with the clock, setting its time to 2:45 to prompt the train’s arrival at the station.
  • Now, you need to obtain the ticket from the ticket machine located beside Laura. Press all the buttons in the correct pattern to retrieve the ticket. The arrows on the buttons will guide you through the pattern. Begin from the bottom right and follow the arrows in the respective directions. A single arrow means you should select the next button in the indicated direction, while multiple arrows allow you to skip the specified number of buttons in that direction.
Underground Blossom: Chapter 3 - School Street Walkthrough
  • Retrieve the ticket from the ticket machine and return to the train to show the ticket to the conductor, allowing you to proceed to the next station.

It will conclude the chapter and you will make your way to the Bird Bridge Station.

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