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Underground Blossom: Chapter 7 – The Lake Walkthrough



Underground Blossom: The Lake

The Lake is the final chapter in Underground Blossom players can begin after completing Soul Street and advancing to the next station. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 7: The Lake to assist you in your Underground Blossom adventure.

The Lake – Walkthrough

  • Exit the train and go to the right side until you find Laura’s Soul.
  • Interact with Laura’s Soul to talk to her and she will tell you to look behind to see the tree.
  • Switch the areas to find a distant tree and click multiple times on the tree to view the Blossom Tree.
  • Interact with the shadow on the left side to talk to Rose from this world. Go through the dialogues and then interact with the shadow on the right side to talk to older Rose from another World. Similarly, go through the dialogues and watch the tree blossom to the left side.
  • Go back and then go to the left side to see Laura’s Soul go through different time frames until she becomes alive in her current timeframe.
  • Talk to Laura for the final time and make your way to the train to find your future.

It will conclude the final chapter and as you depart on the train the end credits roll.

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