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Underground Blossom: Chapter 2 – Child Lane Walkthrough



Underground Blossom: Chapter 2 - Child Lane Walkthrough

Child Lane is the second chapter in Underground Blossom, accessible to players after completing the first chapter- Crib Station and progressing to the next station. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 2: Child Lane to assist you in your Underground Blossom adventure.

Child Lane Walkthrough

  • Arrive at the Child Lane station and disembark from the train to reunite with Rose and Laura, who has now grown into a teenage girl.
  • Interact with Laura, and she will request some candy.
  • Examine the metal panel on the left side, where you’ll find Old Gum stuck to it.
  • Use the Scraper from your inventory to remove the Old Gum. Then, interact with Laura again and give her the gum.
  • Wait for her to blow a bubble with the gum and then take the Chewed Gum from her mouth.
  • Now, explore various areas to find Laura in the following locations:
    • Behind the Bench
    • Behind the Newspaper Stall
    • Behind the Statue
  • Switch areas again to find Laura holding a Glass Panel in the Newspaper area. Take the Glass Panel and return to the Child Lane area, where Rose is. Interact with the Window Pane on the top right.
  • Place the Glass Panel in the missing area, arranging them to form the shape of a tree by flipping each Glass Panel.
  • Completing the tree portrait will reveal a Crank on the side. Pick it up.
  • Return and go to the newspaper area. Interact with the poster that reads “Holidays From Small to Big.”
  • Arrange the items on the poster in ascending order of size: Glass > Hat > Kite > Camel > Airplane > Pyramid > Sun.
  • This will unveil a key in the top left corner of the poster; collect it.
  • Go back and visit the statue area to find a poster in front of the ticket machine. Retrieve the poster and use it to fill the empty frame, using the chewed gum. The blank frame is next to the poster where you found the key.
  • The poster will change as you interact with it. Select the following elements in sequence: Woman’s Smile > Woman’s Eyes > Woman’s Bracelet > Woman’s Hair > Woman’s Eyes > Woman’s Smile > the Box Woman is holding. The poster will reveal an Emergency Call number, “53114.”
Underground Blossom: Chapter 2 - Child Lane Walkthrough
  • Return and interact with the Newspaper Stall. Use the Crank to open its shutter.
  • Retrieve a Newspaper from the box inside and give it to the man sitting on the bench near the statue.
  • Interact with the Newspaper and correct the headlines by dragging them to the appropriate photos.
  • The man will begin reading the newspaper, and you can interact with his side pocket to find a coin.
  • Go to the Child Lane, interact with the Phone Booth, and use the Key to open it.
  • Dial 53114 on the phone and listen to the mysterious voice, which mentions something about the eyes of the bird.
  • Return to the statue area, interact with the owl statue, and click on both eyes of the owl to open a hidden compartment below. Use the rod to unlock the compartment, revealing a 4-digit combination code, “8827.”
  • Interact with the box next to the man on the bench, and use the 8827 code to open it, obtaining a Camera.
  • Give the Camera to Laura and click on her three times to take three photos.
  • After taking the third photo, Laura will scream. Proceed to Rose to witness a corrupted soul taking her. Interact with the corrupted soul and then return to see Rose departing on a train with the corrupted soul.
  • Rose’s handbag will be on the floor. Examine it to find a Golden Timepiece, a Nut Driver, and a Note.
  • Go back to Child Lane, interact with the Metal Panel on the left side, and use the Nut Driver to open the panel, revealing another Glass Panel.
  • Visit the statue area, where you’ll find Laura hiding in a compartment. Interact with her to make her drop the film roll of the camera.
  • Go to the Newspaper Stall, place the film roll in the basket, and click on the Photo Service board. A voice will instruct you to return in 20 minutes.
  • Now, proceed to the platform area, interact with the hanging clock, and set its needle to IV (4).
  • Go to the Child Lane area, interact with the Window Pane on the top left side, and place the Glass Panel in the empty space. Flip the Glass Panels to create a portrait of a house.
  • Completing the house portrait will yield a small needle for the platform clock.
  • Return to the Newspaper Stall and view the photos to determine the time on the clock, which is 4:05.
  • Go to the platform and interact with the clock to set the time to 4:05. The train will arrive at the platform, but you still need a ticket.
  • Approach the ticket machine beside the statue and interact with it. Note the hint: Triangle + Circle + Rectangle – Diamond. Above each window in the ticket area, you will find the Triangle and Circle symbols. The Rectangle and Diamond symbols are below windows in the Newspaper area. Each window has a specific lit pattern that you must follow according to the hint. First, select the pattern of the Triangle symbol, then the Circle, then the Rectangle, and finally, subtract the pattern of the Diamond. Press the Red Button to obtain your Metro Ticket.
Underground Blossom: Chapter 2 - Child Lane Walkthrough
  • Show the ticket to the conductor to proceed to the next station.

It will conclude the 2nd chapter and you will make your way to the School Street Station.

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