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Cocoon: How to Defeat Cthulhu Starfish (Boss Fight)



Cocoon: Cthulhu Starfish

Cthulhu Starfish is the second boss in Cocoon that players will get to encounter in the second world. Once players have obtained the green orb, they will be able to jump into the second world and make their way ahead using the first orb. However, the players must unlock the Starfish Metal Door to encounter the Cthulhu Starfish boss fight.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Cthulhu Starfish in Cocoon.

How to Defeat Cthulhu Starfish in Cocoon

To defeat the Cthulhu Starfish, players must initiate the fight by picking up the water balloon and detonating it near the Cthulhu Starfish. Pick up the water balloon in the arena and use it to fly around and get on top of the Cthulhu Starfish. Interact with the water balloon while on top of the Cthulhu Starfish to detonate it and initiate the boss fight.

Follow the following steps to defeat the Cthulhu Starfish in Cocoon.

  • As the boss fight starts, four pillars will appear and one of the pillars will have a water balloon on it that you need to get. However, first, you need to lure in the Starfish to the pillar to break free the water balloon.
  • Take the Water Balloon and fly around the arena to drop the balloon on top of the starfish. Starfish will shoot smaller starfish in your position that you need to dodge by flying around using the water balloon.
  • Successfully hitting the starfish for the second time will spawn more pillars. Repeat the same process to get the water balloon and fly around to dodge the starfish and then detonate the balloon by going on top of the starfish.
  • The next time a starfish comes up, it will spawn four walls in the arena. Stick to the corner of the wall and let the starfish break the walls. As the wall breaks, move to the other wall. Keep going until the water balloon spawns.
  • Make your way to the water balloon and then use it to fly around and dodge the starfish and other projectiles.
  • When the starfish goes to rest, explode the balloon on top of it to defeat the Cthulhu Starfish.

Defeating the Cthulhu Starfish will break open the floor and a new platform will appear that you can use to get out of the world.

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