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Xbox will improve the certification process for its games after Cyberpunk 2077



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There are many things that have been said after the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. And Xbox has taken it seriously. In fact, Xbox will improve the certification process of its games after what happened with Cyberpunk 2077. Mainly because of the report made by Game Informer where it revealed that the latest release of CD Projekt Red, presented images that were capable of triggering an attack of epilepsy in people with this kind of condition. To which CDPR had responded that they were aware of the problem and would fix it soon. Xbox, as a company, has a great accessibility policy that seeks to prevent this from happening.

Xbox will improve the certification process for its games after Cyberpunk 2077

Microsoft has reiterated that it is committed to making its platforms as secure and inclusive as possible and will continue to improve its certification process. This process will also serve to improve game implementation problems on your platform, which would bring a higher quality to your games. Although obviously, this has a great limit with respect to what third parties do. But it will not be the same when it comes to accessibility and inclusion.

Creating a place that is safe and inclusive is a priority for us. That’s why we publish and share our accessibility guidelines with all of our gaming partners. We continue to work in partnership with other publishers, industry experts, and members of the games and disabilities community to evolve and improve our certification process and we encourage all players to review the warnings in all games.

Microsoft spokesperson.

CD Projekt Red previously responded to Game Informer’s report that they would have a more permanent solution and would implement it as soon as possible. We also know that CDPR has been working on improving game performance on consoles. The latest Cyberpunk update has vastly improved its performance on Xbox consoles. So we can say that CDPR is committed to improving the experience that users have with the game on all platforms.

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