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Cyberpunk 2077 is receiving another update in the next 7 days



Cyberpunk 2077 will return to the PS Store when Sony wants it

The official account of the game has thus issued an official statement regarding the game and its problems.

It has happened what many may have been waiting for regarding Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt has issued a statement regarding the problems of the game on last-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One. First, start by apologizing for these inconveniences, in addition to not showing the game on those platforms before releasing it.

But they claim to have the solution in hand, it will fix bugs, unexpected shutdowns and improve the overall experience. ” The first round of updates has already been released and you can expect the next one in the next 7 days “, but they state that there will be more continued as new improvements become available; remember that patch 1.04 was released a few days ago.

After Christmas, they will continue working on it, with the arrival of new big patches to the game. If the first of them will arrive in the next 7 days, they already have a date for the next two big ones, the first will come in January. After this, the second big patch will be available only a month later, in February. This what it will do is fix the most prominent problems in the game on PS4 and Xbox One. Later they will inform you of the changes you will have.

” They will not make the game look like next-gen consoles or a high-end PC, but it will be closer to that experience than it is now, ” they say before finalizing the statement. ” We’d appreciate it if you would give us a chance, but if you’re not satisfied with the game on consoles and don’t want to wait for updates, you can select a refund via PSN or Xbox .”

“For physical copies, please try it in the store where you bought the game “, although if that is not possible, they offer an email address to go to. Of course, starting from today, they leave a week of margin for the decision, this will be possible until next December 21, 2020.

As a postscript to the message, they state that PC gamers will also receive constant updates and fixes to improve the game on said platform.

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