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Players report that Sony returned money for Cyberpunk 2077 to several users



Players report that Sony returned money for Cyberpunk 2077 to several users

On Reddit, it was reported that Sony support began returning funds to players unhappy with the technical state of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4.

The author of the post said that at first he went through the standard procedure through the support chat, and then hung in the line for an hour, waiting for a connection with a specialist by phone. The operator treated the player’s problem with understanding and issued a refund as soon as possible. He also advised removing the game from the device before requesting a refund.

In the comments, people shared similar stories and confirmed the user’s information, however, not everyone was able to achieve the satisfaction of complaints – in particular, DTF user Andrey Apanasik was sent to find out if the game would ever be repaired, in support of CD Projekt RED, and promised to consider an application for a refund only in case the creators recognize the version as not “non-repairable”.

Sony’s lawyers are already preparing a commercial complaint against CD Projekt due to the poor state of the game, according to one of the support staff referred to on Reddit.

In the same thread, they noted that Steam also revised the standard return policy. Several players reported that they were refunded even after spending 5 and 8 hours in Cyberpunk. However, multiple cases were required to approve the return.

Previously, Digital Foundry analyzed the performance of the game on Sony consoles and came to the conclusion that this version will not be playable for most players.

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