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A Plague Tale: Requiem: How to Solve the Symbols Puzzle



A Plague Tale: Requiem: How to Solve the Symbols Puzzle

While looking for Magister Vaudin, Amicia and Lucas will have to go through many difficulties of facing the mercenaries and clearing the path from the rats. They will need to discover the South Tower further to find Vaudin but they’ll be stopped due to a Symbol Puzzle which must be solved to open a secret door.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Symbols Puzzle in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Solving the Symbols Puzzle

As Amicia and Lucas will reach inside the South Tower, they’ll need to solve the symbols puzzle. There are four symbols in total that you need to place in the right order. These symbols are on the bells and if you throw the rocks with your sling on the bell, the symbol will change. Two bells are on the left side of the sun and two bells are on the right side of the sun. You need to start putting the symbols in the order from the left side. As you change the symbols, Lucas will also describe the nature of the symbols.

The correct order of the symbols that you want to change on the bells is the following.

Left Symbols

Bell 1: A symbol that is very much similar to the number “3”.
Bell 2: A circle with a line going through it.

Right Symbols

Bell 3: A circle that has a line below it.
Bell 4: A circle that is overlapping and it has a line below it.

Once you’ve put all the correct symbols on the bell, a door will unlock on the left side that will let you explore more of the South Tower.

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