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AC Valhalla Yule Festival Guide: All Quests & Rewards



AC Valhalla Yule Festival Guide: All Quests & Rewardsa

In the current event Yule from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you can dust off a new weapon and a complete set of armor. There are also new cosmetic items to be won. We’ll show you how to collect enough festival tokens and how to solve the quest for the lost ale.

How do I start the Yule Festival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Download the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update with version number This also includes the crossover DLC Interwoven Tales, in which you meet Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. To start the Yule Festival, you have to build Teklas Brewery. It costs you 600 raw materials and 45 supplies. In return, the feast fortification improves and you get 25 more health points. Once the brewery is up, Norvid meets at the jetty and he instructs Eivor about the tasks ahead. He will also provide you with 15 festival tokens.

You can choose from the following five quests and activities :

  • Bruns Folly (Drinking Game Competition)
  • Moving Targets (Archery Competition)
  • Jul brawl (fist fight competition)
  • Cow catcher
  • The day the beer disappeared

Tip: Complete the unique quests “Cowcatcher” and “The day the beer disappeared” first. In doing so, you unlock new opponents for the activity “Yule Fighting” and can thus win more festival tokens per round. You can complete the archery competition, the drinking game, and the brawl several times and thus top up your festival brand account.

What rewards are there in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Yule Festival?

The festival tokens you have earned can be exchanged for rare items in the Norvids booth. You can find Norvid at the edge of the fairground. He offers you the following items:

King Aethelwulf’s royal hunting bowConsider hunting bow150 fixed marks
Ceremonial Modranhit HostePants superior60 fixed marks
Ceremonial Modranhit robeSuperior torso60 fixed marks
Ceremonial Modranhit cloakConsider camouflage60 fixed marks
Ceremonial Modranhit headdressConsider helmet60 fixed marks
Modranhite ceremonial bracersConsider bracers60 fixed marks
Design: Winter Warrior StatueSettlement improvements15 fixed marks
Design: house bar (white)Settlement improvements15 fixed marks
Design: hoarfrost hairstyle (dark brown, light brown, blonde or red)Hair accessories20 fixed stamps each
Design: hoar frost beardHair accessories15 fixed marks

King Aethelwulf’s Royal Hunting Bow (Superior Hunting Bow) has the following stats:

  • Attack: 67
  • Tempo: 42
  • Stunning: 90
  • Critical Chance: 96.6
  • Headshot damage: 70
  • Weight: 12
  • Bonus : After stunning an opponent, headshot damage is increased by +30 for ten seconds.

If you put on the complete Modraniht ceremony equipment, you will receive the following set bonus:

  • Attack increases after a Dazed kill.
  • Additional stun enhancement.

Yule Festival Quests: Cow Catcher and The Day The Beer Disappeared

Meet Alwin at Tekla’s brewery and he assigns Eivor to find the apprentice, Aki. Travel to Grantabrycgscir and the forest west of Utbech Camp. Caution: If you haven’t killed all order members in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Guide) , you will meet a zealot there. Climb the mountain and you will find Aki on the cliff. Beat him up and send him to the boat.

About 200 meters further east you will meet the robbers on the riverbank in Utbech. Infiltrate the camp from the north and sneak over the footbridge into the large hut. Climb through the window, there are bones hanging at the main entrance, through which you alert the guards. Take Tekla’s barrel and run away with it. Run west to Aki’s boat. As a reward, you will receive 160 festival tokens and Aki is available as an opponent for the Jul brawl.

Meet Winfrid at the Hraefnathorp Stockyard to start the Cow Catcher quest. Follows Bertham to the riverside after the conversation. You should help him to catch the escaped cows. Cross the river and run up the hill. Use Odin’s sight and the raven to find the tracks of the cows. Then return to the cattle yard and you will receive 140 festival tokens. In addition, you unlock Bertham as an opponent in the Yule Festival brawl.

Yule Festival Activities: Moving Targets, Brun’s Folly, and the Yule Fighting

To start the “Moving Targets” quest, speak to Thyrvi at the bridge next to the brewery. Hit as many moving targets as possible within the time limit. Green scores 15 points, orange scores 20, and red scores 25 points. Meet Brun at the fair by the big campfire. If you win the drinking contest, there are 15 festival tokens.

For the Jul brawl, you have to speak to Sunnifa at the entrance to the fairground. Then you fight against different opponents in up to six rounds. If they get too close, they perform a strong punch combination or a throwing attack. Evade and hit the attackers with side blows. If you win the competition, you will receive 100 festival tokens.

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