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AC Valhalla Yule Festival Guide: All Quests & Rewards



AC Valhalla Yule Festival Guide: All Quests & Rewardsa

In the current event Yule from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you can dust off a new weapon and a complete set of armor. There are also new cosmetic items to be won. We’ll show you how to collect enough festival tokens and how to solve the quest for the lost ale.

How do I start the Yule Festival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Download the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update with version number This also includes the crossover DLC Interwoven Tales, in which you meet Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. To start the Yule Festival, you have to build Teklas Brewery. It costs you 600 raw materials and 45 supplies. In return, the feast fortification improves and you get 25 more health points. Once the brewery is up, Norvid meets at the jetty and he instructs Eivor about the tasks ahead. He will also provide you with 15 festival tokens.

You can choose from the following five quests and activities :

  • Bruns Folly (Drinking Game Competition)
  • Moving Targets (Archery Competition)
  • Jul brawl (fist fight competition)
  • Cow catcher
  • The day the beer disappeared

Tip: Complete the unique quests “Cowcatcher” and “The day the beer disappeared” first. In doing so, you unlock new opponents for the activity “Yule Fighting” and can thus win more festival tokens per round. You can complete the archery competition, the drinking game, and the brawl several times and thus top up your festival brand account.

What rewards are there in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Yule Festival?

The festival tokens you have earned can be exchanged for rare items in the Norvids booth. You can find Norvid at the edge of the fairground. He offers you the following items:

King Aethelwulf’s royal hunting bowConsider hunting bow150 fixed marks
Ceremonial Modranhit HostePants superior60 fixed marks
Ceremonial Modranhit robeSuperior torso60 fixed marks
Ceremonial Modranhit cloakConsider camouflage60 fixed marks
Ceremonial Modranhit headdressConsider helmet60 fixed marks
Modranhite ceremonial bracersConsider bracers60 fixed marks
Design: Winter Warrior StatueSettlement improvements15 fixed marks
Design: house bar (white)Settlement improvements15 fixed marks
Design: hoarfrost hairstyle (dark brown, light brown, blonde or red)Hair accessories20 fixed stamps each
Design: hoar frost beardHair accessories15 fixed marks

King Aethelwulf’s Royal Hunting Bow (Superior Hunting Bow) has the following stats:

  • Attack: 67
  • Tempo: 42
  • Stunning: 90
  • Critical Chance: 96.6
  • Headshot damage: 70
  • Weight: 12
  • Bonus : After stunning an opponent, headshot damage is increased by +30 for ten seconds.

If you put on the complete Modraniht ceremony equipment, you will receive the following set bonus:

  • Attack increases after a Dazed kill.
  • Additional stun enhancement.

Yule Festival Quests: Cow Catcher and The Day The Beer Disappeared

Meet Alwin at Tekla’s brewery and he assigns Eivor to find the apprentice, Aki. Travel to Grantabrycgscir and the forest west of Utbech Camp. Caution: If you haven’t killed all order members in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Guide) , you will meet a zealot there. Climb the mountain and you will find Aki on the cliff. Beat him up and send him to the boat.

About 200 meters further east you will meet the robbers on the riverbank in Utbech. Infiltrate the camp from the north and sneak over the footbridge into the large hut. Climb through the window, there are bones hanging at the main entrance, through which you alert the guards. Take Tekla’s barrel and run away with it. Run west to Aki’s boat. As a reward, you will receive 160 festival tokens and Aki is available as an opponent for the Jul brawl.

Meet Winfrid at the Hraefnathorp Stockyard to start the Cow Catcher quest. Follows Bertham to the riverside after the conversation. You should help him to catch the escaped cows. Cross the river and run up the hill. Use Odin’s sight and the raven to find the tracks of the cows. Then return to the cattle yard and you will receive 140 festival tokens. In addition, you unlock Bertham as an opponent in the Yule Festival brawl.

Yule Festival Activities: Moving Targets, Brun’s Folly, and the Yule Fighting

To start the “Moving Targets” quest, speak to Thyrvi at the bridge next to the brewery. Hit as many moving targets as possible within the time limit. Green scores 15 points, orange scores 20, and red scores 25 points. Meet Brun at the fair by the big campfire. If you win the drinking contest, there are 15 festival tokens.

For the Jul brawl, you have to speak to Sunnifa at the entrance to the fairground. Then you fight against different opponents in up to six rounds. If they get too close, they perform a strong punch combination or a throwing attack. Evade and hit the attackers with side blows. If you win the competition, you will receive 100 festival tokens.


Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Bolt Thrower Weapon



Bolt Thrower

There are number of weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake that players will get as they progress through the game as well as by buying from the Merchant’s Shop. One of the powerful weapons in the game is Bolt Thrower which is actually a Crossbow that can take down the normal enemies in one hit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Bolt Thrower weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Getting the Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower is one of the Weapons that can only be bought from the Merchant. Players will unlock the Merchant in the Second Chapter of the game and you will be able to buy the Bolt Thrower right away. But the price for Bolt thrower in the Second Chapter will be 10,000 Ptas. If you don’t buy it in the second chapter and wait until the third chapter, you will be able to buy it for 8,000 Ptas.

Once you have reached the church, make your way to the Merchant’s new location and he will give the discount of 20% on the Bolt Thrower. It is the best time to buy the Bolt Thrower in the game. Select the Bolt Thrower in the Buy section of the shop to buy it. However, you will also be required to have bolts in order to use it.

Buying the Bolt Thrower

The Bolt Thrower comes with only 3 Bolts and you can pick them up after killing the enemies but it would be better if you have the recipe for the bolts as well. In order to get the recipe, you would also have to buy it from the Merchant. The Bolt Recipe will cost you 6,000 Ptas. So, the total cost on Bolt Thrower weapon would cost you 16,000 Ptas, if you buy it in the second chapter or 14,000 ptas, if you buy it in the third chapter.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Spinels




Spinels is the special currency in Resident Evil 4 Remake that players can get through different ways. Most of the players might not consider getting this currency but this currency can get you one of the most useful items in the game. Spinels is mainly used for Trading items with Merchant and you can get handful of items from him with Spinels.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Spinels in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Getting Spinels

There are two major ways from which you can get Spinels in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

  1. Complete Merchant Requests
  2. Kill Tough Enemies

The primary way of getting the Spinels is by completing the requests of Merchant. You will find the requests near the Merchant’s Shop or at random place in a location. The request will be on a note and there are two types of notes. One would be White like a normal Note and the other one would be Blue. All of these requests can be found along the main journey of the story and its your choice either you want to complete the requests or not.

All of the requests will denote an area as well where you would have to do a specific task, i.e. Shoot Blue Medallions, shoot rats, kill mini-boss, etc. By completing these requests, you will have to go to the Merchant and by talking to Merchant, he will give you the total number of spinels for completion of requests.

Requests of Merchant

Another way to get Spinels is by killing the tough enemies. You will find these enemies at random spots in the main journey. However, you will get a very low number of Spinels from killing the tougher enemies and you might not be able to get the items from trading the Spinels. The better way to get Spinels is through completing the requests so, make sure to accept the request by picking up the notes and then complete the requests to get the Spinels.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Trade Spinels for Items




Trading is one of the new mechanics added to the Resident Evil Remake series and in the new Resident Evil 4 Remake, players will be able to trade a special currency named Spinels for useful items. If you have been getting Spinals and you don’t know what to do with them then hold on to them and read along the guide to know what Spinels can get you in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to trade Spinels for items in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Trading at Merchant

Spinels can only be traded at the Merchant’s Shop. In order to get access to his shop, you will have to unlock Merchant. Merchant is unlocked automatically at the beginning of the Second Chapter. Once you have unlocked Merchant, you will be able to Buy & Sell Items, Upgrade Weapons, and Trade Spinels for Items from him.

You will find Merchant in random locations as you progress through the main story of the game. In order to Trade Items, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with Merchant to access the Shop.
  • Select the Trade option of the Shop or Change the Tab to TRADE.
  • Select the Item you want to get in exchange of Spinels.
  • Hold down the respected button to trade the item with required number of Spinels.

After trading the item, the item will be stored in your inventory.

List of All Items for Trade

As players progress through the game, they will see addition to the Trade list at Merchant’s Shop and players can get the following items by trading Spinels.

  • Treasure Map: Village – 1x Spinel
  • Treasure Map: Castle – 5x Spinel
  • Treasure Map: Island: 5x Spinel
  • Punisher – 5x Spinel
  • Laser Sight – 10x Spinel
  • High-Power Scope – 7x Spinel
  • TMP Stock – 8x Spinel
  • Red 9 Stock – 9x Spinel
  • Matilda – 10x Spinel
  • Matilda Stock – 12x Spinel
  • Attache Case: Black – 8x Spinel
  • Attache Case: Red – 12x Spinel
  • Yellow Herb – 3x Spinel
  • Exclusive Upgrade Ticket 1 – 30x Spinel
  • Exclusive Upgrade Ticket 2 – 40x Spinel
  • 10x Gunpowder – 2x Spinel
  • 10x Gunpowder – 3x Spinel
  • Yellow Diamond – 3x Spinel
  • Red Beryl – 4x Spinel
  • Elegant Mask – 2x Spinel
  • Chalice of Atonement – 3x Spinel
  • Velvet Blue – 1x Spinel
  • Gold Token – 3x Spinel

This list also contains the new game+ items and you can get the items in each playthrough.

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