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After the agreement between Microsoft and Bethesda, Obsidian already fiddles with the idea of Fallout New Vegas 2



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Microsoft has bought Bethesda, bringing it back to Obsidian Entertainment and the Fallout franchise. Fallout New Vegas 2? Obsidian is already playing with the idea…

The acquisition of Bethesda Softworks by Microsoft has aroused all sorts of reactions among players. For Microsoft, it means partnering with one of the most important video game companies on the current scene, and boosting, even more, its overwhelming Game Pass (which already has 15 million subscribers).

In fact, Microsoft has been dealing with numerous video game developers and distributors for many years… and one of them has been Obsidian Entertainment. This studio is on the crest of the wave, with two very recent hits (the Outer Worlds and Grounded) and a new project on Xbox Series X, Avowed.

However, many still remember one of his most popular games: Fallout New Vegas, 2010. At that time, Bethesda commissioned the development of this new Fallout from Obsidian, to bridge Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, while they continued to work on Skyrim. The result, however, exceeded expectations, and for many, it became the best delivery of the series… which was followed by the most disappointing Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

Now, fate has wanted Obsidian and Bethesda’S IP to meet again, in Microsoft’s lobby. And everyone is thinking about Fallout New Vegas 2. Even Obsidian, via Twitter, fiddles with the idea.

Of course, this tweet doesn’t have to mean anything… for now. Obsidian already has its own thing with Avowed (along with another unannounced project). However, the opportunity for Obsidian to return to work on a new Fallout (after the Outer Worlds were some sort of spiritual successor) has been served on a silver platter. Now it’s up to Microsoft to make an appointment…

The acquisition of ZeniMax Media (parent company of Bethesda) will be completed before June 2021 and has moved no less than $ 7.5 billion. However, if you ask yourself, this does not (necessarily) mean that your future games are Xbox exclusive. The decision will depend on Microsoft, which will evaluate the game by game. Despite Bethesda (and all its studios, like Id Software, Arkane, Alpha Dog, Tano Gameworks…) they will be part of Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda will continue to publish their games themselves (which will be released in Game Pass release).

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