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88-year-old Grandma receives Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch



Nintendo might not have honored the 89-year-old grandma in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You remember the 88-year-old grandma who became famous because of her interest in Animal Crossing. On Jan 12, 2019, Her Grandson uploaded a video on Youtube showing his Grandma progress in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Her Grandson said

My grandma Audrey might be the oldest fan of Animal Crossing New Leaf in the world, and her 3500+ hour save file that has been the result of playing every day for over 4 years is testament to her love of the game. In this video gran shows you her ACNL home and town, while talking about what she likes about the game.

If you’d like to visit her town, her Dream Address is 4E00-0126-6834

Special thanks to my brother Luke for helping to take care of our gran in her old age and chipping in on her 3DS with me and my girlfriend Wendy, and huge thanks to reddit user /u/FlyBambi for selling us her 3DS – sorry for not being able to pronounce your name! And also a big, big thanks to everyone who kindly donated to get gran a Nintendo Switch so she can enjoy the upcoming Animal Crossing game when it’s out!

As you know Nintendo has honored her in New Horizons. So it was a time when she was asked her plan about Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Nintendo Switch. She said, ” I’m ready to decorate my deserted Island in New Horizons”. It seems she has got Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch and ready to make a record in this game.

Her Grandson published a video on Youtube in which he told her that she has become famous all around the world and the fans of her waiting to see Grandma playing Animal Crossing: New horizons on Nintendo switch.

Furthermore, you can see her unboxing New Horizons Switch.

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