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Nintendo appears to have honored Animal Crossing’s grandmother in New Horizons



Nintendo appears to have honored Animal Crossing's grandmother in New Horizons

Surely many of you remember the story of the 87-year-old grandmother who accumulated more than 3,500 hours played in Animal Crossing: New Leaf since she had been playing the title every day for 4 years. Today we get rather curious news related to this player.

It seems Nintendo has included a reference to this famous old woman in the new installment of the franchise that releases this Friday, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a character named Audie in the game.

It is believed that this could be connected with the veteran New Leaf player, since, although her real name is Audrey, her nickname in this title was precisely Audie. The truth is that this is a rather peculiar nickname, so the reference could be confirmed almost 100%.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is coming to the Nintendo Switch in a few days. Unfortunately, in Spain, the physical copies of New Horizons will not be released on March 20 due to Coronavirus.

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