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Animal Well: How to Defeat Chameleon Boss



Animal Well: How to Defeat Chameleon Boss

Venturing through the illuminated labyrinth world of Animal Well, players will reach a main hub area which we call the Animal Room as there are statues of four different animals in this room. These are the statues of the four main bosses in the game that players will get to encounter as they venture into their respective regions.

One of the bosses that players will get to encounter is a Chameleon located on the top right side of the map. Defeating the Chameleon is mandatory for completing the game as it will open a path for the players to get one of the flames which are used to light the Chameleon’s statue and allow players to continue on to the next area.

This guide will help you how to defeat Chameleon Boss in Animal Well.

How to Defeat Chameleon in Animal Well

As players explore Chameleon’s region on the top right side of the map, they will get to encounter Chameleon various times where they will have to dodge its tongue and a projectile attack to find a way around it. If players remember these two attacks, they will be able to breeze through the boss fight.

Pursuing ahead in Chameleon’s region will eventually bring players to Chameleon’s chamber where they will get to encounter Chameleon for the final time. Here, Chameleon will be Red and the platform on which players will drop will have five hedgehogs on it. Players need to bait the Chameleon into eating hedgehogs to damage it which can be done by staying close to one of the hedgehogs.

Chameleon will do both of its tongue and the projectile attacks which both can be dodged by moving around. However, for the tongue attack, make sure to stay close to the leading hedgehog to make it eat the hedgehog and keep on repeating the process until all the hedgehogs are gone. Chameleon will flee away after eating all five hedgehog which will conclude the fight.

However, make sure that your hearts are full as getting hit by a hedgehog or one of the projectiles will deal 1 heart damage. Take this fight as slowly as possible to hurt Chameleon by eating hedgehogs and defeating him.

Once the Chameleon flees, go ahead to the right side to find the V. Flame which now you will be able to place beneath the Chameleon’s statue in the Animal Room to continue ahead to other bosses’ regions.

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