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Animal Well: Where to Find the Map



Animal Well: Where to Find the Map

Animal Well is a Metroidvania platform video game with no actual fights, instead, you will be solving puzzles throughout the game to get past the enemies and even the bosses. Similar, to other Metroidvania games, Animal Well does have a map to make the navigation of the world easier but the game doesn’t give you the map and requires you to find it.

This guide will help you where to find the map in Animal Well.

Where to Find the Map in Animal Well

The map is one of the earliest items in the game that players can find as it is found inside a chest located on the main path to the Animal Hub (an area with four animal statues). Reaching this area isn’t that tricky but it does require players to deal with a ghost enemy. From where players begin the adventure, they need to head right and then up until they reach the first telephone.

Going to the right side of the telephone will let players encounter a ghost that can be eliminated by using a firecracker. Make sure that you get the firecracker from the area on the left side of the telephone by solving a door puzzle. After scaring away the ghost, use the crank in the area to lift up the platform to cross the water and then head up the ladder.

Here, players will see a squirrel going to the right side. Follow the squirrel to step into a room with a chest in the middle. Go up to the chest and loot it to get the map. Finding the map will also unlock the “Explorer” achievement.

Finding the map is one of the earliest priorities of every player as the game won’t tell you anything to do in your adventure. Without the map, you can easily get lost in the areas making you go round and round to find an exit. However, with the map, you can easily see the paths to every area you have visited and explored.

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