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Animal Well: How to Get Past the First Ghost



Animal Well: How to Get Past the First Ghost

Wandering in a beautifully illuminated world of Animal Well will often let you run into various types of animals and sometimes even ghosts. Unlike most animals, the ghosts are more violent and they will follow you until you die or just leave the area to the next screen. However, you cannot simply neglect an area with a ghost, especially if that area is from where you progress ahead in the game.

A similar case takes place very early in the game as players begin their journey with a blob and start chasing the rabbit to reach an area with a ghost where they have to lift up the platform to get ahead. However, the ghost doesn’t give you enough time to lift up the platform as it kills you with a single hit.

This guide will help you how to get past the first ghost in Animal Well.

How to Get Past the First Ghost in Animal Well

Getting past the first ghost in Animal Well will require players to first get their hands on the Firecrackers. It is the first of the many useful items in the game and using it will allow players to eliminate the ghosts in the area as well as stun some of the animals.

How to Get the Firecrackers in Animal Well

Getting the Firecrackers in Animal Well will require players to solve a door puzzle in which they will have to press three yellow buttons to unlock the door which will lead players to an area with firecrackers. The location of the door is located on the left side of the first telephone. As you reach the puzzle area, there will be three yellow buttons in the area located at different spots: one just before the locked door, one beneath the crank, and the last one above the crank.

To solve the puzzle, follow the following steps.

  • Turn the crank to lift up the platform and jump to the other side to press the first yellow button.
  • Go to a small pit just ahead of the first yellow button and keep on going right to drop on a narrow path. Keep following the path to come out of beneath the crank and press the second switch.
  • For the third switch, leave the puzzle area and go to the ghost area by going to the right side of the first telephone. As you reach the ghost area, you need to jump up on the ledges on the left side and continue going left.
  • As you reach the telephone area, wait for the moving platform to come to you to jump on it and wait for it to reach the left side to jump ahead. Go through the narrow path and you will come out of beside the final button.
  • Press the final button to open the door and drop down to the crank to lift up the platform. Jump ahead and go past the door to find the firecrackers.

You can pick up three firecrackers at a time and if you go ahead in the same room of the firecrackers, you will drop down to an area with a lot of firecrackers where you will get to test a firecracker as well on another ghost. Scare away the ghost by using the firecracker and follow the path to reach the telephone room.

Upon getting the firecrackers, players can use one to throw it in the area of the first ghost to eliminate it and then they will be able to interact with the crank to lift up the platform to get across the water and past the first ghost.

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