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V Rising: How to Get a Fishing Pole



V Rising: How to Get a Fishing Pole

The full release of V Rising has several new additions to the world along with the items in general but there are various changes as well. One of the changes that old players will find fairly early in the game is the ability to get the Fishing Pole. Acquiring the Fishing Pole in V Rising (v1.0) has been changed and now it requires you specifically to get its recipe instead of just getting the recipe for Woodworking Bench.

This guide will provide you with information on how to get a Fishing Pole in V Rising.

How to Get a Fishing Pole in V Rising 1.0

Getting the Fishing Pole in V Rising 1.0 will now require you to get its recipe instead of just unlocking the Woodworking Bench station by defeating Rufus the Foreman. In the previous versions of the game, you just have to defeat Rufus to unlock the recipe for Woodworking Bench and as you build it, you get the ability to craft the Fishing Pole.

However, in the latest patch (v1.0) of V Rising, there is a new V Blood Boss named Finn the Fisherman that players must defeat to get the recipe for Fishing Pole. He is a Level 32 V Blood boss who is found at the Fishing Lake located northeast in the Farbane Woods region. Finn has various attacks including the ones where he uses the Fishing Pole to catch various fish to attack you.

Fighting Finn is fairly harder than other earlier V Blood bosses so you would have to work a little harder in the full release of the game to get the Fishing Pole. Upon defeating Finn the Fisherman, you will be able to craft the Fishing Pole either from your inventory or at the Woodworking Bench with the following materials.

  • 8x Planks
  • 4x Copper Ingots
  • 4x Coarse Threads

All of these are early-game materials that can be obtained from the Farbane Woods and crafted at the respective station.

How to Catch Fish in V Rising

Catching fish in V Rising is straightforward which requires you to find a bubbling spot inside the water area and then cast the line in it to catch the fish. However, a few things that you need to keep in mind are that the fish bubbles are totally random and time-limited. They only appear for a certain time and disappear after a certain time.

Make sure that you have equipped the Fishing Pole by putting it in one of the hotkeys to cast the line into a bubbling spot. Press the LMB to cast the line and wait for the water to splash. Upon hearing the splash, press the LMB again to catch the fish.

Catching fish will allow you to salvage them in the Devourer station to get Fish Oil along with Fish Bones. Both of these are useful materials used in various other crafting recipes so don’t sleep on fishing in your free time while exploring the world of Vardoran.

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