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V Rising: How to Defeat General Elena the Hollow



V Rising: How to Defeat General Elena the Hollow

General Elena the Hollow is one of the new mid-game V Blood bosses in V Rising that players can encounter and defeat to unlock various useful recipes including a structure and a decorative item along with a Frost Spell Point. Elena’s move set is filled with all kinds of attacks including elemental (Frost), AOE, and ranged which are all important to counter so that you can inflict damage on her.

This guide will focus on highlighting the best technique to defeat General Elena the Hollow in V Rising.

Where to Find General Elena the Hollow

General Elena the Hollow is a Level 53 V Blood Boss that is usually found roaming near the Waygate in the Ruins of Mortium. However, it is better to track her blood from the Blood Altar to know her exact location.

Best Equipment & Spells to Use Against Elena

As she is a Level 53 boss, your Gear Level should be 60 or above 60 to deal decent damage with your primary weapons. The Reaper or the Longbow are the efficient weapons for this fight and for the spells, we would recommend you to use the following.

  • Veil of Chaos
  • Corrupted Skull or Chaos Volley
  • Ward of the Damned
  • Merciless Charge

How to Defeat General Elena the Hollow

General Elena has several attacks up her sleeve but first of all, you need to deal with a few guards that are on patrol with her. You can choose to eliminate the guards first and flee away from her to reset the fight to make things easier for yourself. Shoot the projectile spells along with the Howling Reaper ability to start with big damage numbers on her.

However, be aware of her series of frost attacks and maintain a safe distance to dodge all of them. the most common attack that she does at the beginning of the fight is the rain of frost arrows. Stay out of the frost radius when she shoots the arrows to avoid getting hit by the arrows. She also has an AOE frost attack where she does a ground explosion with ice. Moreover, she also creates a lane of frost on the ground which explodes a second later.

All of these attacks are easy to read and you can dodge them by simply getting out of the frost radius or you get freeze for a few moments where you will be vulnerable to any follow-up attack. Despite all her frost attacks, her common attack is the crossbow arrows which she shoots up to four times in a row. You can take advantage of this attack with the Ward of the Damned spell as each arrow you block with the shield, a skeleton will spawn that will diver her attention from you making her open to your next attack.

Almost halfway through the fight, she will summon a big radius of frost to create an Ice Pillar. She will stand on the ice pillar and shoot a range of frost arrows at your position three times. Dodge or veil out of frost radius on the ground to dodge the attack. Another attack that she does while standing on the ice pillar is three lanes of frost that explode.

While she is in this state, you cannot directly deal damage to her. You will first have to break the ice pillar to bring her down to start dealing damage to her with your attacks. Moreover, while she is on the ice pillar, she will start to heal herself if you don’t break the pillar swiftly. Make sure that you put all of your focus on bringing her down before she replenishes her health completely.

For all of her frost attacks, getting close to her can be dangerous as you can get caught by one of her attacks. It is best to stay at a safe distance and use a ranged weapon to deal damage to her along with the spells. Keep the pressure on her while she is on the ground to deal as much damage as you can.


Defeating General Elena the Hollow will give the following items as a reward.

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