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V Rising: How to Unlock Passive Abilities



V Rising: How to Unlock Passive Abilities

Surviving in the world of Vardoran will require you to strengthen your vampire as much as possible to defeat the threat and feed on their blood. It includes arming your vampire with weapons and unlocking various spells from six different spell schools. Additionally, there is another way to further strengthen your vampire and it is through infusing them with passive abilities. It is one of the newer features added with the v1.0 (full release) and it will help you significantly with your spells, defense, and certain elemental builds.

This guide will help you how to unlock passive abilities in V Rising.

How to Unlock Passive Abilities in V Rising

Unlocking the Passive Abilities of your vampire will require you to build and use one of the newly added stations called Altar of Stygian Awakening. However, similar to most of the other stations in the game, you will first have to unlock its recipe. To unlock the recipe for the Altar of Stygian Awakening, you will have to defeat a new V Blood Boss named General Elena the Hollow. She is a Level 53 V Blood boss and can be found roaming near the Waygate in the Ruins of Mortium.

After defeating General Elena the Hollow, you will be able to craft the Altar of Stygian Awakening with the following materials.

  • 1x Regular Ruby
  • 12x Irong Ingot
  • 4x Greater Blood Essence

Once you have built and placed the Altar of Stygian Awakening in the Castle, interact with it to view the 18 different Passive Abilities divided into three tiers. Every tier offers a certain type of passive abilities ranging from increasing effects of the spells, defense, and elements. Each passive ability of the tiers will cost either a certain cost of Stygian Shards or Greater Stygian Shards to unlock.

  • Each Tier 1 Passive Ability costs 400 Stygian Shards to unlock.
  • Each Tier 2 Passive Ability costs 600 Greater Stygian to unlock.
  • Each Tier 3 Passive Ability costs 1,000 Greater Stygian to unlock.

All of the passive abilities are available for you to unlock and you can unlock any power from any tier without needing to unlock any previous ones. However, for the earlier ones, we will suggest you to unlock the ones that effects your spells you are currently using and then move on to the ones that effects your elemental builds.

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