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V Rising: How to Unlock Spider Form



V Rising: How to Unlock Spider Form

V Rising offers various ways to traverse the world of Vardoran including mounting on a horse and transforming into various forms to gain certain buffs respective to the form. With the full release of V Rising, players will now be able to unlock the newly added Spider form that has the ability to burrow to avoid the sunlight and even surprise the clueless passing foes.

This guide will help you how to unlock the Spider form in V Rising.

How to Unlock the Spider Form in V Rising

The method to unlock the Spider form is similar to any other transformation in the game which requires defeating a certain V Blood Boss. Unlocking the Spider form specifically will require players to defeat Ungora the Spider Queen. She is a Level 63 V Blood boss and can be found inside the Spider Cave in the Cursed Forest region.

She is a tough foe with several projectile and AOE attacks. Moreover, she also summon little spiders during the fight which can make the fight even harder. It is recommended that you have at least 65+ Gear Level equipped before you go and engage with her in a fight. Using a ranged weapon will assist you greatly in this fight as getting close to her can make it difficult for you to avoid the projectiles that she throws in all directions.

How to Use the Spider Form

Upon unlocking the Spider form by defeating Ungora the Spider Queen, you can transform into the spider by bringing up the transformation wheel and hovering over the spider form. The spider form doesn’t have high movement speed but the ability to burrow into the ground can be life-saving in many different ways.

If you are traversing through an area during the daylight where there is no shadow to avoid the sunlight, you can simply transform into a spider and click on the ground to burrow below. It will protect you from the sunlight. Moreover, if you see a group of foes coming towards you can burrow into the ground and wait for them to come close to surprise them or you can even let them go past you.

However, make sure that you don’t burrow into the ground while enemies are engaged with you in a fight as it will give them your location of hiding.

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