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Garten of Banban 7: Complete Game Walkthrough



Garten of Banban 7: Complete Game Walkthrough

Garten of Banban Chapter 7 is out now and it will let players continue the game from where they left off in Chapter 6. This guide will walk you through Garten of Banban 7 covering all the puzzles and fights.

Garten of Banban 7 – Walkthrough

As the game begins, click the clock on the bottom right of the screen to skip ahead. You will begin at the elevator on the lower level which you took down at the end of Garten of Banban 6. Go ahead into the room and you will see a screen in front of you. Use your toy to first hit the red button in front of the stairs and then on the button beside the screen. Now, press the white button on the wall to watch a brief guide on how to deal with Case 8: Spider Monster.

After watching the media, an Orange Keycard will be dispatched from the wall. Take the Keycard and you will hear a loud groaning above the elevator. Go close to the elevator to see a giant Monster drop on the elevator and then drop down to the lower level. Now, continue up the stairs and open the orange door with the Orange Keycard.

As you enter the area ahead, you will see spiders crawling on the floor and walls. This means the Spider Monster is nearby and be aware of him by looking at the ceiling. For now, don’t worry about him and make your way to the movable platform in the middle. Stand on the platform and press the left arrow to move to the left side. Pick up the Tape from the front of the door and then jump back on the platform and move it twice. Jump to the door and pick up the lighter.

After getting both the tape and the lighter, go back to the platform and move it to the right side to reach the other side of the area. Go to the left side and interact with the switch that says “Recharge Doors”. Now, go to the right side and interact with the barrel. Push the barrel to the movable platform by interacting with it. Once you have brought the barrel to the platform, interact with it to tape it and then ignite it.

Now, move the platform twice but on the second turn, you must jump quickly to the door and let the barrel go on with the platform. You will see the Spider Monster getting close to the barrel from the ceiling. As the Spider Monster gets, close, the barrel will explode and the Spider will drop down. Jump back on the platform and go back to the first side from where you entered in the area. Go to the right side and interact with the console to use the Orange Keycard to unlock the door.

You will enter a pink room with a button to call the train. As you press the button, the train will be unavailable. Go into the corridor on the left side and jump over the crashed train until you reach a similar room as before. However, there will be a staircase in this room. Go up the staircase and use the keycard to open the door. There will be several aliens hanging in this room and there will be a monster trapped in a pod ahead. Make your way towards the moment and a monster will catch you from behind.

Find a Way Out

After getting caught by the monster, a cutscene will play in which Syringeon will try to do surgery on you. As the cutscene ends, you need to find a way out of the area. There will be a monster crying in the room for whom you need to get its medicine. Go to the right end of the corner to find the Yellow Keycard. Use the keycard to open the room’s door and then enter the hallway. Go to the end of the hallway to see Syringeon in the room ahead. Look to the left side and interact with the switch to turn on the lights. Here, you will find a lollipop. It is the medicine for the monster crying in the room. Go back to the monster and interact with it to give it its medicine.

Turn around and you will see a rope beside the door. Pick it up and then make your way back to the end of the hallway. Look to the right and interact with the switch to turn on the lights. Go into the yellow door and there will be a hammer on the floor that you need to pick up. Now, go back to the hallway and break down the wooden planks with the hammer. Once done, interact with the door to place a trap with the rope.

Open the yellow door in which Syringeon is and then run past the rope trap. Make sure to jump over the trap to not get baited into your own trap. As Syringeon follows you, it will fall into the trap and get attacked by one of the monsters in the room. Despite trapping Syringeon, go and interact with the monster to save Syringeon and he will become a friendly monster.

Follow Syringeon as he gives you an introduction to his mission of finding and catching Jumbo Josh. He will give you a Remote 2.0 tool which you can use to call drone like the regular remote but if you interact with the console with a drone logo on it, you will be able to control the drone by yourself. As you get a small tutorial for using the remote, fly the drone out of the room and go to the right side to find a red button outside of the room. Fly into the red button to complete the tutorial.

Find clues that would lead to Jumbo Josh’s whereabouts

Speak to Syringeon to learn more about the scepter and then go to the left side of the room to open a door leading to Citygeon. Go down the stairs to reach the Square and then continue ahead to reach Citygeon. You need to ask the citizens to learn the whereabouts of Jumbo Josh. Go straight past the bar and turn right from the last street. You will find a citizen with a red hat standing at a corner of the street.

Speak to him and he will agree to draw you a clue but it will require a paper. Look to the left side of the citizen and there will be a paper beneath the pole. Pick up the paper and give it to the citizen. Once he has drawn a clue, he will tell you to show the picture in the bar to learn more about Jumbo Josh. Go back to the main street and enter the bar area.

Ask around the Bar

The bar door will be closed and if you go to the right side, you will see the drone console. Call your drone and then interact with the drone console to control the drone. Fly the drone to the left side of the bar to find an orange window. It is a breakable window so simply fly the drone into it to break it and then fly the drone straight into the red button to activate the door on the right side of the bar. Go up the staircase and use the keycard to open the door.

Enter the bar and open the second orange door with the keycard. Control the drone to press the red button inside the room to open the locker. It will reveal a keycard console. Interact with it to open the door leading to the ground floor of the bar. Head downstairs and go to the back of the bar to find the Blue Keycard. Pick it up and go upstairs to open the blue door and you will find a citizen identity card.

Pick up the identity card and go back downstairs to speak with the bartender. Show him the photo that the citizen drawn and he will tell you to head out into the back alley from the back door. Go to the back of the bar and as you turn into the back alley, you will meet Sherrif Toadster. Speak with the sherrif and he will give you the Red Keycard which will allow you to access the apartment building.

Speak to the witness at the Motel

Pick up the Red Keycard from the ground and leave the bar. Go to the next street to find the Motel building and use the keycard to enter inside. Go up to the first floor and the room on the left using the keycard. The resident will claim that he knows something about Jumbo Josh but first requires you to deal with the noise. Head up to the second floor and enter the room using the keycard. As you see a resident making noise, a crazy version of Bittergiggle will appear.


Step into the Emergency Exit window in the room and run for your life. Keep on following the path ahead and make the jumps at the perfect time to keep on going ahead. Eventually, you will come out on next to the bar and see Sheriff Toadster ahead. Jump toward the sherrif and then follow him to hide in a room. Stand in the corner of the room and let the sherrif deal with Bittergiggle.

Head to the theater

After the tragic incident with Bittergiggle, go back to the Motel and speak to the resident on the first floor. Upon speaking to him, pick up the White Keycard from the table and leave the building. Make your way to the Theater by going down the street and then use the keycard to open the gate to the theater. You can’t head inside the theater yet due to a Ticket requirement so, instead go to the left side to find Stinger.

Speak with him and he will put you in a flashback. After watching the flashback, look on the ground to find the ticket to the theater. Go to the ticket counter and interact with the citizen to show the ticket. Go inside the theater and head straight down the corridor to enter the Trojan Tarta play. Head down to the sitting area of the play to find a witness and he will ask you to fix the light so that the play can be started.

Commence the Play

To fix the lights, you need to find 6 lights and place them in the holders located at each end of the sitting area. You can find four lights inside the play area and two of them in the corridor of the theater. Upon finding all the lights, place them in the holders.

Inspect the Delivery at the Main Entrance

Upon fixing the lights, go and speak with the witness and he will tell you to grab the delivery from the main entrance. Go out of the play and head to the entrance of the the theater. A giant bird on a wheel will be at the door. Interact with it to bring it to the play door and then interact with it again to push it down the staircase.

Now, go back to the Witness and speak with him. He will allow you to take the collar and it is time to enjoy the show.

Run from the birds

As the play goes on two birds will come out of the giant bird that you pushed down the staircase. The birds will start chasing you and you need to run to the entrance of the theater to escape them.

Find where the Collar Leads to

The collar will start beeping fast and turn red when you are near the territory of Jumbo Josh. Go straight from the theater street and go past the motel. Turn left and you will see a Tools Mart in front of you. Head to the tool mart but it will require a blue keycard. For now, enter a side path to Tools Mart by opening a door. It will take you to a class of Sir Dadadoo.

Class Exam

Before you press the attendance button at the back left side of the classroom, see all the books and the students closely. Remember the eyes of the monsters drawn onto their books and see what type of head clothing item they are wearing. It is a key hint that you need to use in all the tests of the exam. There will three tests conducted in the class and for each one you need to match the eyes of the monsters with the head clothing item they are wearing.

For the first test, you will be given three minutes and you have to match the seven symbols from the left screen to the right screen. The rest of the two tests will include two screens with even more symbols. Fortunately, you will get six minutes for both of these tests and you can freely match the icons by viewing the books of the students in the class.

Once you have completed all of the tests, a locker will open revealing the Blue keycard. Pick up the keycard and use it to open the Tools Mart door. Syringeon will join you as well and open the next door for you to enter the building.

Tools Mart

Upon entering the Tools Mart, jump on the boxes to reach the bin to pick up the Purple Keycard. Use it on the door and then interact with the drone console to use the drone. Fly the drone through the window to the other side and press the red button to open the door. Go ahead and make your way through the next room and go up the stairs to open the next door.

Here, you will get to solve the matching symbols puzzle. Interact with the button beneath the screen and it will show you a number of symbols. These symbols can be seen on the floor next to the respective buttons. You need to press each button respective to the shown symbol to complete the puzzle.

Upon solving the first two stages of this puzzle, the screen will show the unreadable symbols at a faster speed. Simply, press any button and be ready to call the drone to press the two red buttons in the room to get to the next room. A monster will follow you upon pressing the wrong button and you need to move around the center table and order the drone to press the red buttons. The red buttons will be labeled with 1 and 2 so press them in the correct order to open the next door.

As you enter the next room, you will get to solve the same puzzle again. Complete its two stages and the next door will open. Step into the next room, pick up the Pink Keycard from the table and use it to open the next door. The door on the left will require another keycard so for now, head upstairs and open the door to reach the Mapping Center.

Mapping Center

Interact with the button on the wall to reveal the switches on the floor. You need to walk on the correct set of switches to reach the other side. To figure out the correct switches, interact with the drone console and fly it through the small area with the “Mapping Center” written on the wall. Upon flying the drone into a room, turn the drone to see the correct set of switches for the active mapping stage.

Remember the path of the switches and then follow it to reach the other side. You need to do it two more times to reach the red door at the end. Use the keycard to open the door and head up to the roof.  Head towards the light in front and you will see the sample of Jumbo Josh on the floor. Interact with it to take the sample.

Return to Syringeon with the sample

After getting the sample, head to the second light and you will see a safe landing spot below. Jump on the safe landing spot to reach the street and then go back to Syringeon. Interact with Syringeon and then follow him to the Square.

Speak to Syringeon to execute the plan

Upon speaking to Syringeon at the Square, it will initiate the final phase of this chapter. Syringeon will summon Dadadoo to trap him but the army of Dadadoo will come to his rescue. Luckily, Jumbo Josh will come to the rescue and at this point, you need to jump in the glowing box on the side. After that, watch an action sequence among the monsters.

After waking up in Syringeon’s facility, speak to Syringeon and then go to the next door to pick up the remote. Come back to the room and Stinger will point towards the painting on the wall. Interact with Banban painting to peel it off and it will conclude Garten of Banban Chapter 7.

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