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Garten of Banban 7: How to Solve the Matching Symbol Puzzle inside Tools Mart



Garten of Banban 7: How to Solve the Matching Symbol Puzzle inside Tools Mart

Finding the clues around Citygeon to get to Jumbo Josh will eventually lead you to Tools Mart. Getting inside the Tools Mart building will require you to solve Banbaleena’s matching symbol puzzle to get the Blue Keycard. As you get inside and go through a couple of doors, you will find yourself in a room with another matching symbol puzzle.

This guide will help you how to solve the Matching Symbol puzzle inside Tools Mart in Garten of Banban 7.

How to Solve the Matching Symbol Puzzle Inside Tools Mart

Here, you will get to solve the matching symbols puzzle. Interact with the button beneath the screen and it will show you a number of symbols. These symbols can be seen on the floor next to the respective buttons. You need to press each button in order respective to the shown symbols to complete the puzzle.

Upon solving the first two stages of this puzzle, the screen will show the symbols at a faster speed. Simply, press any button and be ready to call the drone to press the two red buttons in the room to get to the next room. A monster will follow you upon pressing the wrong button and you need to move around the center table and order the drone to press the red buttons. The red buttons will be labeled with 1 and 2 so press them in the correct order to open the next door.

As you enter the next room, you will get to solve the same puzzle again. Complete its two stages and the next door will open. Step into the next room, pick up the Pink Keycard from the table, and use it to open the next door to progress ahead to the Mapping Center where you will get to solve another puzzle.

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