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Garten of Banban 7: How to Get the Collar from the Witness in Theater



Garten of Banban 7: How to Get the Collar from the Witness in Theater

After tagging along with Syringeon in Garten of Banban 7, he will ask you to get information on Jumbo Josh’s whereabouts. It will require you to ask around Citygeon’s citizens, leading you to a Bar, a Motel, and the Theater. The witness in the theater has a collar with him that can detect the sense of Jumbo Josh and alert you when he is close.

The collar can be of great help to find Jumbo Josh, but you will have to get it first from the witness. This guide will help you how to get the collar from the witness in the theater in Garten of Banban 7.

How to Get the Collar from the Witness in the Theater

Upon reaching the Theater, make sure to get the ticket by speaking with Stinger and show it at the counter to get inside the theater. Go inside the theater and head straight down the corridor to enter the Trojan Tarta play. Head down to the sitting area of the play to find the witness with the collar. He will not give you the collar just yet and ask you to fix the light so that the play can be started.

Commence the Play

To fix the lights, you need to find 6 lights and place them in the holders located at each end of the sitting area on the bottom. You can find four lights inside the play area and two of them in the corridor of the theater. Upon finding all the lights, place them in the holders.

Inspect the Delivery at the Main Entrance

Upon fixing the lights, go and speak with the witness and he will tell you to grab the delivery from the main entrance. Go out of the play and head to the entrance of the theater. A giant bird on a wheel will be at the door. Interact with it to bring it to the play door and then interact with it again to push it down the staircase.

Now, go back to the Witness and speak with him. He will allow you to take the collar and it is time to enjoy the show.

Run from the birds

As the play goes on two birds will come out of the giant bird that you pushed down the staircase. The birds will start chasing you and you need to run to the entrance of the theater to escape them with the collar.

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