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Garten of Banban 7: How to Escape from Syringeon



Garten of Banban 7: How to Escape from Syringeon

Garten of Banban Chapter 7 will take place in the lower levels of Kindergarten where you get to encounter various new monsters along with the Naughty Ones. As you go through the earlier levels of Chapter 7, you will reach a train area from where you get to reach a dark room filled with citizens’ bodies.

Unfortunately, you will get caught by a mysterious monster who turns out to be Syringeon as you wake up in one of his surgery rooms. You will be tasked with finding a way out of Syringeon’s facility which can be a little tricky as there are various things that you need to.

This guide will provide you with information on how you can escape from Syringeon in Garten of Banban 7.

How to Escape from Syringeon in Garten of Banban 7

After getting caught by Syringeon, a cutscene will play in which Syringeon will try to do surgery on you. As the cutscene ends, you need to find a way out of the area. There will be a monster crying in the room for whom you need to get its medicine. Go to the right end of the corner to find the Yellow Keycard.

Use the keycard to open the room’s door and then enter the hallway. There will be two barricaded doors in the hallway from where you can hear the loud banging, ignore it for now and go to the end of the hallway to see Syringeon in the room ahead. Look to the left side and interact with the switch to turn on the lights. Here, you will find a lollipop. It is the medicine for the monster crying in the room. Go back to the monster and interact with it to give it its medicine.

Turn around and you will see a rope beside the door. Pick it up and then make your way back to the end of the hallway. Look to the right and interact with the switch to turn on the lights. Go into the yellow door and there will be a hammer on the floor that you need to pick up. Now, go back to the hallway and break down the wooden planks with the hammer. Once done, interact with the door to place a trap with the rope.

Open the yellow door in which Syringeon is and then run past the rope trap. Make sure to jump over the trap to not get baited into your own trap. As Syringeon follows you, it will fall into the trap and get attacked by one of the monsters in the room.

Despite trapping Syringeon, go and interact with the monster to save Syringeon and he will become a friendly monster.

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