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V Rising: How to Defeat Finn the Fisherman



V Rising: How to Defeat Finn the Fisherman

Finn the Fisherman is one of the early and new V Blood bosses in V Rising that players can encounter and defeat to unlock a spell point for Frost School and a recipe for Fishing Pole. Finn’s move set is filled with various attacks including physical, AOE, and ranged along with some special ones which are all important to counter so that you can inflict damage on him.

This guide will focus on highlighting the best technique to defeat Finn the Fisherman in V Rising.

Where to Find Finn the Fisherman

Finn the Fisherman is a Level 32 V Blood Boss that is found at the Fishing Lake located northeast in the Farbane Woods region.

Best Equipment & Spells to Use Against Finn

As he is a Level 32 boss, your Gear Level should be above 30 to deal decent damage with your primary weapons. We recommend you use the Longbow weapon for this fight which you can unlock by defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer (Level 30 V Blood boss), and for the spells, you can use the ones that are available to you as there aren’t many spells at this point of the game that you can use.

How to Defeat Finn the Fisherman in V Rising

Finn the Fisherman himself only has three main attacks that he will use throughout the fight. The first one is the physical attack where he would strike you twice with the holding fish and follow up with a kick. If you are close to him, you can easily dodge it by using the veil spell and hit him from behind. However, using a longbow is much easier in this case.

Another attack that you will see do him often is an AOE attack for which he will spin to create a swirling area around him and follow it up with a strike. He will normally do this attack when you are near him and staying inside the swirling area will hit you with the follow-up strike.

Lastly, another attack that he does is a ranged attack where he will throw a net at your position. Getting hit by the net will pull you close to him and he can either follow it up with a physical attack or an AOE attack. All of these attacks are easy to counter while staying both at close range to him and far.

However, the reason why we recommended the Longbow is to deal with a set of other attacks that he would do during the fight. These attacks are when he runs to different fishing spots during the fight and catches three different types of fish to aid himself. The addition of fish can make it difficult for you to deal with him as it is much safer to deal with fish from a distance. All the fish that he will bring to the fight are the following.

  1. Pufferfish: Pufferfish acts as a Land mine in this fight and he will catch three of them. If you go close to them, they will explode and shoot ice shards in all directions. Similarly, if you kill them either at a close distance or far away, they will explode and shoot ice shards. It is better to kill them from a distance and as soon as possible and Longbow will help you with this situation greatly.
  2. Serpent: When Finn goes to the pool in the middle, he will summon a serpent that will bite you if you are close and shoot a wave of three ice shards at your position. It is best to stay at a distance and shoot arrows at it to take it out instantly.
  3. Piranha: Finn will catch three Piranhas which will follow you and bite you if you are closer to them. Fortunately, they have low HP and you can kill them with a swipe but having a Longbow will allow you to deal with all of them at a distance.

Those are all the attacks that Finn will use throughout the fight and when you are focused on the fish, he will do the ranged attack several times to catch you off-guard. Keep an eye on the red circle beneath you to veil out of it at any time it appears. Other than that, simply focus on Finn when there aren’t any fish in the area and take out the fish as soon as possible to get back at Finn.


Defeating Finn the Fisherman will give the following items as a reward.

  • Frost Spell Point (Tier 1)
  • Recipe for Fishing Pole

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