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V Rising: Defeat Rufus the Foreman



V Rising: Defeat Rufus the Foreman

You’d get new abilities, recipes, and structures from defeating the bosses in V Rising. It is also necessary to progress further in the game and increase your gear level so you can take on the harder bosses of the game.

In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Rufus the Foreman boss.

Defeating Rufus the Foreman Boss

Rufus the Foreman is one of the early bosses in the Blood Altar. He is a level 20 boss so he is not that hard to beat. You can beat him with the sword, axes, or spear melee weapon along with your long-range attack. You can defeat him at the gear level of 17-20. Use the Blood Altar and track his blood to get to his location. His spawn location would be Bandit Logging Camp. This location has two bridges as an entrance and there is water around this place. Careful while entering this place because there would be AIs in this place that’ll attack you before you get to fight the Rufus the Foreman.

Rufus the Foreman himself is not a hard boss, the attack that he does very often is a trap attack, he throws the trap at the highlighted area and if you get caught in it then he would do a combo attack rapidly which causes a lot of damage. So, make sure to get out of the highlighted area and dash towards him to hit him with the combo attack.

He would also summon AIs to help him in the battle but they would be easy to kill. He can also buff himself and do a heal where he can negate a little bit of damage. But you don’t have to worry about the healing he can be taken down very easily with the combo attacks and if he starts to buff himself then you can hit him with a long-range attack as well. Once he is down, extract his V blood to get the new abilities and rewards.


After defeating him and extracting his V Blood, you would get the following rewards.

Blood Rage Ability: The blood rage ability shields yourself and your nearby allies for 110% of your spell power and it increase your attack speed by 25% for 4.5 seconds.

You’d also get the Woodworking Bench as a structure. You’d also get Fishing Pole, Sculptured Wood, Painting Frame, and Hunter’s Crossbow.

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