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V Rising: How to Hell’s Clarion



V Rising: How to Hell’s Clarion

V Rising is a survival MMO game in which you gather resources and set up your base in a dangerous and blood-hungry world. In this guide, we tell you where to get Hell’s Clarion.

Hell’s Clarion Locations

Hell’s Clarion is an item that you can gather from a red structure around different places in the world. It is a resource in the game that is used with other resources to make different things. You can find this in the following locations.

  • Bandit Copper Mine
  • Bear Cave
  • Haunted Iron Mine

If you break the red structure, you’d get 10 Hell’s Clarion. Each of the places would have a few of these structures so you can get around like 40-60 Hell’s Clarion in one place.

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