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V Rising: How to Get Paper



V Rising: How to Get Paper

In V Rising, there are a lot of resources that you need to get in order to increase your gear level and upgrade your base. But not all resources are to increase the gear level or strength, there is also a resource that can increase your knowledge and that is Paper. In this guide, we tell you how to get Paper in V Rising.


You cannot craft paper in any machine, you have to find the paper in order to get its benefits. The paper allows you to research new technology within your library. It is for knowledge purposes and it cannot be shared with other players of your clan or server.

Where to Get Paper

You can look on the map and find that some Bandit Camp locations have Coarse Thread and Paper as an important loot.

Where to Get Paper

You need to go to these Bandit Camps and kill the Ais to get the paper or there’d be a chest nearby in the camp. You can loot the chest and you’ll find the paper.

V Rising: How to Get Paper

You cannot craft this, so there is no other way than looting it from the chest of different bandit camps.

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