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V Rising: How to Siege in PvP



V Rising: How to Siege in PvP

V Rising is a survival MMO game in which you have to play as a vampire on a server full of other vampire players. The V Rising has both types of servers, one in which the players can only PvE and one in which players can PvP. The PvP servers can be very difficult for the new players because they can get raided very easily because of not getting their base high tier. But the players with a higher tier base can also be raided.

In this guide, we tell you how to siege or raid in PvP.

How To Siege

To siege the other player’s Castle, you’d need different items. Each item would be needed to destroy different things in the castle. But it depends on different scenarios, if a player has a high-tier base then you probably be needing all the items so, you can destroy his base and raid it. But if a player has a tier 1 wooden base, then you can even use the Minor Explosive Box and Major Explosive Box to destroy the wooden borders and raid his castle.

The Minor Explosive Box and Major Explosive Box are crafted in the Alchemy Table and they both are used to destroy the wooden walls and doors of the base. The Major Explosive Box does more damage to stone walls but it would take a lot of time and a lot of explosives. To make the Minor Explosive Box and Major Explosive Box, you need the following resources.

  • Minor Explosive Box: 6 Sulphur, 6 Plank, and 3 Whetstone.
  • Major Explosive Box: 9 Sulphur, 6 Reinforced plank, and 30 Gem Dust.

The thing that is recommended against the Strong Stone Castles in the game is the Siege Golem Stone. The Siege Golem Stone can convert you into a Siege for 5 minutes and it would give you two abilities that would do massive siege damage. You can destroy stone walls and doors in 1 minute. To get the Siege Golem Stone, you want to defeat Terah the Geomancer boss and she’d drop the recipe for the siege golem stone. She is a level 48 boss so you would be able to get it later in the game. You’d also need to get the Gem Cutting Table in which you’d make this recipe. The resources that you need to make the Siege Golem Stone are the following.

  • Siege Golem Stone: 200 Stone Brick, 200 Gem Dust, 16 Scourgestone, and 12 Greater Blood Essence.

Once you have all these resources, access the Gem Cutting Table and make the siege golem stone. It would take 4 minutes to craft. But if you have it in the Confined Room and have the Matching floor then the crafting would take less time.

How To Siege

After it is crafted, store it in your inventory and find a castle that you want to raid. Now to use it, you need to place it on the ground to activate the Siege Golem. Place it near the Castle you want to raid so you’d be able to convert yourself into siege once the siege golem is activated. The Golem will be activated after a few minutes. Once you’ve placed the Golem stone, the whole server will be notified that a Siege Golem Stone has been summoned. But not only that, all the players on the server can see it on the map where it has been summoned and they can come there and break the activation of the golem. Once you’ve placed the golem, you need to be ready for the encounter of different players on the server because they will come to your location and try to take you out so they can raid the castle instead of you.

V Rising: How to Siege in PvP

After it is activated, you can interact with the stone and you will be converted into a stone siege and you’d get a total of 5 minutes before you turn back to the vampire. You’d get two abilities that do massive siege damage on the stone walls and doors. The Abilities are the following.

  • Stomping: It will deal 300% siege damage.
  • Earth Shatter: It will deal 200% siege damage.

You can also turn yourself back to the vampire state before the time runs out. You just have to use the “Exit Form” ability of the Siege Golem. Once you are in the Castle you have broken, just go in and turn yourself back into a vampire and loot the chests.

You cannot only use the Siege Golem Stone to raid other players on the server, but you can also use it to defeat the harder bosses of the game. But keep in mind that the health of the Golem would be the same as your vampire state.

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