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V Rising: How to beat Octavian The Militia Captain Boss



V Rising: How to beat Octavian The Militia Captain Boss

V Rising is filled with a lot of bosses, you have to be vigilant when you’re going to a boss fight. You have to find the bosses and defeating bosses will reward you with different items and recipes which you can use to craft better gear and weapons.

One quick tip for specifically boss fights is you should fight bosses mainly at nighttime.

Octavian The Militia Captain is a Boss who looks like a regular bandit or mob captain. Octavian The Militia Captain also has a lot of mob members besides him at his location. He’s not any normal captain he has a lot of skill set and magical abilities he can use. So, don’t try to underestimate Octavian The Militia Captain it is a hard fight with his move sets and attacks in focus.

In this guide, we will tell you Octavian The Militia Captain’s location where you can find him, and how you can defeat him to get the rewards to unlock better weapons and gear.


You can find Octavian The Militia Captain in Bastion of Dunley which is north of the Dunley Farmlands region. You have to go to the given location on the map this big area is the boss area which will have a few mob members as well.


There are a lot of bandit camps also outside the boss arena. You can use your Horse mount and get inside the arena directly. There you will be facing the Octavian.

How to beat Octavian The Militia Captain

Octavian The Malitia Captain has five major attacks. His first two attacks are basic attacks, firstly he will use a sword swing attack which throws four rolling blades towards you so if, you’re in front of him you will get hit by it and he uses this attack regularly. You have to dash to the side to dodge this attack. His second attack is an also a sword swing attack and it’s a fast big blade that will come rolling from the ground straight towards you. You have to dash to the sides in order to dodge this. If you get hit by one of these two attacks you will also get stunned. You can be careful and check the Octavian’s sword projectile to get a better idea of where the rolling blades will come from.

After you’ve dodged these attacks and counter-attacked Octavian and his HP is drained. He will summon a fire archer or a militia longbowman. He will summon one of them each time his HP is drained. When he summons a fire archer, you’ve to kill them first and then get back to attacking Octavian. His next attack is a combo where first he will glow red and dash straight towards you and do a series of sword attacks afterwards including a ground slam. You’ve to dash in a different direction and get as away as possible from Octavian in order to dodge this attack combo. After, his combo is done get back and use your magic spells and your abilities and counter-attack him.

Lastly, is the Octavian’s ultimate attack ability in which he spins and there are blades in all four directions and he will also spin in all four directions. You have to dodge the blades and keep on getting away using dash and you can heal after his attack is finished if you get hit. The annoying this Octavian will use this attack more than one time it’s a big combo and you’ve to be very careful as it deals a lot of damage if you get hit by a spinning Octavian. You just have to run and wait it out and then counter-attack him using your abilities.

You can easily defeat Octavian by waiting out his attacks and using your block and other far attack abilities to counter-attack for dealing a good amount of damage to Octavian.


After you’ve slain Octavian The Militia Captain you will get the new V Blood unlocked for Octavian The Militia Captain. You will unlock a double dash ability with a ground slam it has a good radius and all the enemies will get stunned in the radius and you can easily kill them. You will also unlock new recipes for higher-level Weapons and gear after defeating Octavian.


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