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V Rising: Best Axes Build for both PvP and PvE



V Rising: Best Axes Build for both PvP and PvE

V Rising has in-depth Character customization including weapons and magic spells as well. In this guide, we have made an extremely OP build for both PvP and PvE game modes. This build is made using Axes weapons. This build also suits the playstyle in countering actual players as well as bandits and different animals or monsters you counter in V Rising. PvP is also really good using these axes build. If you don’t have many friends and you’re a solo player, this build is the best build in terms of solo grinding. The complete build counters both healing and combat making this build really good.

This build will completely tell you all the Weapons abilities, Magic abilities, and the blood type used with the build.

Weapon Abilities

We have used axes in this build and there are a bunch of weapon abilities used with it as well. The Axes we are using are the Dark Silver Axes with a gear level of 21. The weapon abilities you want to put on the axes are the following.

Weapon Abilities
  • Primary Attack: It performs a combo attack and deals 45% – 55% physical damage.
  • Frenzy: This ability will add more mobility and you dash forward while hitting. The first enemy will get hit with 100% physical damage. The movement speed will increase by 25%.
  • X-Strike: These are the blades that you throw towards the enemies and it boomerangs back to you. It’s each hot with the blade will deal 85% physical damage.
  • Veil of Chaos: In terms of mobility, you want to have this ability because it works best with the frenzy ability. When you dash into the enemies with the frenzy ability, you can dash out with the veil of chaos and leave an illusion of yours behind and after a couple of seconds, the illusion will explode, dealing more damage to the enemies. The explosion will deal 50% magic damage to enemies.

Magic Abilities

The magic abilities are also very important in the V Rising especially in the PvP because you want to make more plays with your teammates and you do want to use the magic in the fight to gain the benefits. The magic abilities that you want to have in this build are the following.

Magic Abilities
  • Purgatory: It creates a pillar that slows enemies and heals the allies and yourself. It deals 75% of magic damage to enemies.
  • Sanguine Coil: It gives you a range attack ability so you can attack from far. The projectile launch at enemies will deal 75% magic damage.
  • Crimson Beam: It is also for the ranged attack, a beam will be struck in a direction and you can hold it for 4 seconds. The beam will deal 150% magic damage to enemies.

Blood type

Now the Blood Type is also very important in the build because the blood type will improve certain abilities of your character. The Blood type you want to use for this build is Brute. The Brute Blood type will give you the following increments.

  • 7.5% – 12.5% Primary Attack life leech.
  • 7.5% – 15% Increased Primary attack speed and gain 1 gear level.
  • Healing received increased by 20% – 35%.
Blood type

Now with these increments all of your abilities that heal allies and yourself, will be amplified to 20% – 35%. Even your primary attack will give you life leech meaning healing you while you are hitting the enemies. All the magic abilities heal your allies and yourself so, their healing stats will also increase with this blood type.

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