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V Rising: How to complete the Servants Quest



V Rising: How to complete the Servants Quest

In V Rising, you can also make humans NPC your servants, it is a very good and useful mechanic to get resources and manage your Castle base. You don’t have to go for yourself to gather the required resources for the upgrades, you can just order your servants and they will do the rest of the work.

In this guide, we tell you how to complete the servant quest in V Rising tutorial.

How to Complete the Servants Quest

In order to complete the servant quest, you need to make a servant coffin. In order to make the servant coffin, you need to gather a couple of items that will be used in the crafting of the Servant Coffin. The items required to make the Servant Coffin are the following:

After getting both of the required materials, now you need to make the Servant Coffin. In order to make the servant Coffin, you should have 16 Planks, 8 Copper Ingots, and 1 Greater Blood Essence. If you don’t have these required resources then you need to get these resources first. You can make Copper Ingot in Tannery Structure and Plank in Sawmill structure.

After getting all the materials and resources, now you can make the Servant Coffin. Open the Production menu and select the Dominance section, you’ll see Servant Coffin there. Click on the Coffin and place it at your desired position in the Castle.

How to Complete the Servants Quest

After that, you just need to escort any Human NPC inside the Servant Coffin and it will convert that human to your servant and then you can give him orders.

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